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Section of the CESC website dedicated to the “Xifré Year”


On the bottom of the page of this webpage you will find the link to enter the section dedicated especially to “Xifré Year” with news, documents and testimonies. Throughout the year we will be updating news on activities on the occasion of this anniversary and incorporating documents (writings of the Fr. J. Xifré, testimonies about him, photographs, etc.) for a better knowledge of his figure and mission in our congregational history.

Claret, caring for the most vulnerable


We are witnessing the biggest migration and humanitarian crisis in Europe after World War II.The Mediterranean Sea has become a dreadful crossing hotspot for over one million immigrants fleeing the terror, hunger and war and unfortunately it has also been the cemetery for several thousand human beings whose hopes have vanished along with their own lives.

Does Claret have something to tell us before this tragedy that society often tries to overlook building up material walls or taking distances of indifference and insensitivity?

Let us consider one of the toughest and least known stages of Claret’s life, in which he himself was an immigrant seeking refuge and became a protector of the least favoured. (more…)

Chart on the website of CESC

Dear friends: The CESC website is just born. It is an old dream that finally comes true. Like any newborn, it will gradually grow up and get better equipped to meet its objectives. To start, we are offering a chart with some guidelines to make the most of our website. Not to disappoint anyone, we must advise that you are not going to find on this website news about the life of the Claretian Congregation, since a specific page for it already exists, or find daily news about CESC because the goals set for this page are different and we want you to know them so that you can enjoy this familiar corner within the ocean of the Internet. (more…)


Me and Claret


Everything has a beginning; I guess your vocation too.

Yes, indeed. Claretian reality has always been present in my life. I was born in 1942 in a farmhouse of the Plana de Vic, called “El Pas”. Currently it no longer exists. From my earliest childhood, in fact, I heard about Father Claret and the Claretians.                                     (more…)


We offer to all Claretian researchers the Index of Blessed Father Claret. As you all know, this work written by Fr. Cristóbal Fernández is the most complete and best documented biography of Father Claret. (more…)


March 29

“Humility is like the root of a tree, and meekness is the fruit” (Aut 372).


Actually a lot is said about self-esteem which is necessary for some minimal mental health; it is not healthy to depreciate oneself.  The Gospel, with its known paradoxes, is capable of combining self-esteem and modesty. Jesus praised the simple, (more…)

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Fr Carlos Sánchez, CMF, Director of the Centre of Claretian Spirituality in Vic, presents the scope and mission of the CESC as a center of historical research and spur of Claretian spirituality.