April 27

“Because it was not so publicised that I would preach in these missions, they advised me not to preach there, for they were saying, and I believe it, that my life was in danger. But I’m gladly ready to give my life for the love of Jesus Christ and the salvation of souls.”.


Claret’s vocation was to preach the Gospel. He identified with (more…)

April 26

“Love decorum in the house of the Lord, in the ornaments and adornments, especially, seriousness with the divine office, with the administration of the Sacraments, of the divine word, etc., doing all things with such a reverence that  enkindles faith and fosters piety in the people.” (Avisos a un sacerdotes que acaba de hacer los ejercicios de san Ignacio. Advice to a priest who just finished the exercises of St. Ignatius.  Vich 1844, pg. 9.).

April 25

“If creatures fail you, if you are threatened by temptation, if your are afflicted by tribulation and the pains of death surround you, you do not have to worry about any of these things or be a coward, for it displeases me and my most holy Son so much that you waste his powerful grace in trying to defend yourself.” (Apuntes de ejercicios espirituales de 1854; en AEC p 675).

COMPOSURE IN ADVERSITY                     (more…)

April 24

“If a community, a religion is lacking in spirit, it does not persevere. He who does not have the spirit of Christ cannot belong to Christ. The spirit is lost through the inobservance of apparently little things that are nonetheless, of great transcendence.  God loves so much man’s fidelity in small things.” (Notas sobre el Concilio Vaticano I, en AEC, pp 578-579).


April 23

“Jesus Christ was condemned to death and he carried the cross. He taught us how to be crucified to the world and the world unto us”. (Reloj de la pasión, en EE p. 199).


Until his encounter with Christ, Saint Paul was a faithful Pharisee, strict observer of the Judaic law who hoped to be saved by the law. But his knowledge of Christ (cf. Ph. 3,8) (more…)

April 22

“Faced with a choice of two goods, each of which would give God equal glory, I feel called to choose the poorer, the humbler, and the more painful.” (Aut. 699).


To choose correctly, to be able to make decisions is a great quality of the human being and a challenge. I can’t avoid taking decisions. My freedom, my majority of age and also (more…)

April 21

“Oh my God, how patient you were with me!” (Aut.  65).


It is said that patience is the capacity to suffer adversities with courage. It is also the capacity to wait with perseverance and calmness for a thing that tarries. Let your heart speak, and check with wisdom your history until today. That is also “historia salutis”, history of salvation. (more…)

April 20

“I learned from this that everyone, even the rudest people, should be treated kindly and affably and that much more may be gained by kindness than by harshness and irritability.” (Aut. 34).


The thought and literature of the last years have coined the expression – “emotional intelligence”. Probably, you have heard of, or read something about it. Intelligence is not a (more…)

April 19

“As regards the foundation of Jaca, I do not know what to tell you, I always give advice with fear concerning the things you ask me about the Congregation because I remember the caution with which saint Ignatius acted with regard to the Company by not interfering with those who were governing. I have no doubt you must have spoken with the consultors (…) I will pray to God and the Most Holy Virgin that you may make the right decision”.


April 18

“True peace is not found in the retreat and withdrawal from the task which God wants to entrust to his servants. When the tasks come as a result of obedience or duty, one should not be afraid, they lead us to God.”  (Carta Ascética que… escribió al presidente de uno de los coros de la Academia de San Miguel. Barcelona 1862, p. 20).


Emphasizing the reason (more…)