March 29

“Humility is like the root of a tree, and meekness is the fruit” (Aut 372).


Actually a lot is said about self-esteem which is necessary for some minimal mental health; it is not healthy to depreciate oneself.  The Gospel, with its known paradoxes, is capable of combining self-esteem and modesty. Jesus praised the simple, (more…)

March 28

“One of the means that experience has taught me to be more powerful for good, is the press, the same way that firearm is more powerful for bad when it is used abusively” (Aut 310).


In the epoch of Claret the press in Spain was at its heyday; the XIX century made it possible that the masses stopped being analphabets (more…)

March 27

“Oh my God, who can help so that nobody can offend you! Alright, who can help me to let you be known, loved and served by all creatures! This is the only thing I want; nothing else draws my attention” (Aut 641).


“From the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks” (Mt 12,34). (more…)

March 26

“I, many times, each day I ask Jesus to help me understand what he wants me to do with regard to our Project, because I am ready to work and to die for his love.  Sometimes he has said to me internally that it was not yet time, I have consulted with zealous persons of my confidence and they tell me the same thing” (Letter to V. M. Antonia París, 2.12.64, en EC II, p.838).


March 25

“I, in these seven years, I was only walking from one town to another.  I was trekking alone.  I had a map of Catalonia wrapped in cloth which I brought folded, and from the map I was carrying, I measured the distances and marked the shelters.  In the morning I used to do five hours travelling, and another five in the evening; sometimes under the rain, other times under the snow, and in summer under burning sun”   (more…)

March 24

“The soul that deosn’t fly with meditation, in the wings of faith till it gets to the Creator of all things, and which is more beautiful than all these things… the soul to which prayer has never given it (because he has not done it) the anticipated relish of the infinite delights of heaven, this defenselessness against the attractions of the earthly beauty; passing from one idol to another, will end up adoring…”      (more…)

March 23

“What narrow and depressed is the human heart to receive that which is opposing and painful in his inclined terrain!  How unfit he feels with his works…! How impatient he receives them, how unbearable he judges everything that opposes his pleasure! How easily he forgets that his Master and Lord suffered them first and passed them and sanctified them in himself!” (Intentions of the year 1864, en AEC pp. 674-675). (more…)

March 22

“I will think that God is looking at me. I will think that God is talking to me with inspirations and dispositions… I will reply Him with short prayers.  I will offer Him everything I do or that which I will abstain from.  I will accept the chalice of the passion when it comes to me with some pains or works”.  (Intentions of the year 1859, in AEC p. 687).


March 21

“Jesus Christ instituted the Blessed Sacrament so as to stay with us until the end of the world.  What a love! For the sake of love and gratitude we must go to Mass, visit the Sacrament and receive communion with fervor.  Love is paid with love” (Clock of passion, in EE p. 198).


Prophet Isaiah sees the presence of God in the midst of his people through Emmanuel; (more…)

March 20

“Here I am completely tied down in an archdiocese, when my spirit is really for the whole world: even in this little point of the globe I cannot preach how I wished, because I have seen with my proper eyes the many things that an Archbishop can dedicate his time to.  I think the best bet will be to elect another and, if you like me to go anywhere,in the company of other colleagues to preach the mission for a period, we shall go.” (more…)