March 19

“The news of the craftsmanship the Lord gave me at the industry reached Barcelona.  It is from here that some important personalities called my father and told him that it would be nice if we establish a company and put the factory into our account.  My father so much liked the idea because it would further contribute to the development of the factory…” (Aut 63).


March 18

“The greatest pains I had was listening my parents scold a worker because he did not do his work well” (Aut  32).


Certainly anyone who writes like this has a compassionate and merciful heart. The fact is that we are used to “seeing the bottle half empty” (when from another point of view, it is not less truth that the bottle is half filled). (more…)

March 17

“The Lord loves us much, let us love him too, love is paid with love.  He gives us all in the Most Holy Eucharist, reason why we should give him all in return. Yes, let us give him the heart with its affection, the soul with its potentials and the body with all its senses so that we can say with the Apostle: I live but not me,  it is Christ who lives in me”  (Letter to the Abbot of  Huelgas, 5 julio 1867, in EC II, p. 1168).                         (more…)

March 16

“In works, calumnies, persecutions…, if these are well suffered and  virtues are exercised, then many merits are received, the neighbor is enriched; the Lord pours out many and big understandings and consolations.  Oh, what a happy and joyful persecutions and calumnies that have brought to me many graces and heavenly consolations”  (The consolation of a despised soul, Barcelona 1864, p. 32).         (more…)

March 15

“The chapel of the Blessed Sacrament, or the communion rail of each parish, is the exact thermometer to know the degree of charity or the love wave and devotion of the village people.  When the thermometer is beneath zero, the weather is cold; when it is twelve degrees we say it is spring, and when  it is twenty four, thirty, etc., it is very hot”


March 14

“How many men and women I know who, in the middle of noisy streets and squares, find a way to encounter in their hearts where God speaks to them, a solitude that is very difficult to march in Tebaida!” (Ascetic letter.. to the president of one of the choirs of the Academy of Saint Michael. Barcelona 1862, p. 20).


March 13

“There were days that I found myself fervent and desired so much to die for Christ;  I didn’t know nor found something to talk about to my family relations and those outside that used to come to me except of the divine love.  I was hungry and thirsty for work and to spill my blood for Jesus and Mary; even from the pulpit I used to say that I wished to use the blood in my veins to seal the truths I was preaching.” (Aut 573). (more…)

March 12

“Preaching the divine Word (…) should never be neglected, especially during festive periods but most importantly during Advent and during Lent, the divine Word should be announced with greater force and energy” (L’egoismo vinto. Roma 1869, p. 77. Retranslated in EE p. 429).



March 11

“God our Lord, to defeat and destroy heresies, errors and vices that the devil is struggling to bring up and propagate with all means possible, the help of the Virgin Mary is needed together with those fervent devotions that She relies upon in a very special way.” (L’egoismo vinto. Roma 1869, p. 52. Retranslated in  EE pp. 411-412).


March 10

“Oh my God, may you be blessed for having chosen your humble servants to be Sons of the Immaculate Heart of your most Holy Mother!” (Aut 492).


Various circumstances in life shape our way. For some it could be a personal encounter with someone that gave orientation to their future.  Others discovered new horizons (more…)