March 9

“When you have to correct someone, do it with gentleness for this is very efficient. Gentleness is the great server of charity and the inseparable companion of charity. Scolding naturally is bitter but if it is crystallized with sweet and cooked in the fire of charity, it is very cordial, loving and delicious. Let us not forget the adage that says: Many flies are captured with a single drop of honey than with a barrel of vinegar

March 8

“In many parts of the Holy Bible I was hearing the voice of the Lord calling me to go out and preach.  During prayer I had the same feeling. So I decided to leave the parish to go to Rome and present myself to the Congregation for the Propagation of the Faith to send me to anywhere in the world” (Aut 120).


March 7

“It is not enough (…) to have a confessor to whom we manifest with sincerity all sins; we need also a teacher who will teach us the way to virtue” (El Colegial o Seminarista Instruido, t. I. Barcelona 1860, p. 330).


By his proper experience, Father Claret saw the need for teachers in the spiritual life, (more…)

March 6

“The first ideas I still have in my memory are, when I was five years old, lying on the bed, instead of sleeping, I don’t always sleep too much, I was thinking of eternity, thinking always, always, always; I was seeing big distances, and yet more distances were being added more and more; seeing that it was getting to its end, I was shuddered and was thinking about those who might have…” (more…)

March 5

“They shall love the virtue of poverty looking at it like a mother and a friend, and to this end they will do well by denying themselves of that which is sometimes necessary,  imitating Jesus, who became poor and needy because of us, poor nation, He lived very poor, and died poor and even naked” (Religious in their houses or daughters of the most Blessed and Immaculate Heart of Mary. Barcelona 1850, p. 121. Ed. crítica, in Madrid 1990; p. 173). (more…)

March 4

“Devotion to the most Blessed Mary is another of our principal obligations.  She is the Mother of God and the Mother of all men; on these two cardinal points our devotion evolves.  As Mother of God she is capable of doing everything; as the Mother of mankind she will protect us and give us all graces” (Ascetic Letter…to the president of one of the choirs of the Academy of Saint Michael. Barcelona 1862, p. 44). (more…)

March 3

“It is certain that a child preserved in innocence through good education is in the eyes of God a valuable treasure much more than all the kingdoms of the world” (Aut 278).


It is interesting to place ourselves in these gospel texts where Jesus meets with children. In one of them Jesus says: (more…)

March 2

“And you would want, my Mother, that I, knowing that I,  being a brother to these unfaithful ones, look with indifference their deadly ruin? Oh no, Neither the love I have for God, nor the love I have for my neighbor can be tolerated, because, how can it be said that I have love or that I have the love of God, if seeing that my brother is in need but yet I refused to help him? (Aut 158). (more…)

March 1

“[The laws] he who does not obey them, disobeys God, and he who resists them, resists God’s order, as the Scripture says, adding that they never had peace those who resisted God.” (El ferrocarril. Barcelona 1857, p. 16).


The laws that contribute to the common good spring up from the conscience (more…)

February, 28

“What I would really like to do  would be to walk through towns and villages giving missions. This is my great dream. I have a holy envy of those missionaries who are lucky enough to be able to go from town to town preaching the Holy Gospel” (Aut 638).

HOW BEAUTIFUL ARE THE FEET OF THE MESSENGER!                                          (more…)