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Thematic and onomastic index of Blessed Father Claret

We offer to all Claretian researchers the Index of Blessed Father Claret. As you all know, this work written by Fr. Cristóbal Fernández is the most complete and best documented biography of Father Claret. (more…)

Index of the Manuscripts of Fr. Claret

We offer to all researchers the General Index of the Manuscripts-Autographs of St. Anthony Mary Claret, prepared by Fr. José María Gil, in Rome, in 1961. (more…)

Pocket edition of Autobiography in Portuguese

The Autobiography of Fr. Claret has just been published in Portuguese in a pocket edition format. The CESC thus increases the list (more…)

The Jesus of Claret

jesus_claret_300_240In the definition of a missionary, Claret suggested his missionaries a golden rule that he himself lived up to intensely: “A missionary … is a man whose only concern is how to follow and imitate Jesus Christ”.(To expand contents click on the image) (more…)