In this space we present various experiences of individuals and groups which have come to Vic and have visited the Mother House of the Claretian.

Pilgrimage of the Missionaries of the Quinquennium of Europe


Santa Eugenia de Berga.

From 18th to 20th November 2016 a meeting of Claretian missionaries of the “Quinquennium” from various organizations in Europe was held in the House of Spirituality “P. Claret ” in Vic.

It gathered following missionaries: Miguel Alvarez Nieto (Bética), Yohanes Benjitu Bareto (Catalonia), Dion Paskalis Nandut (Catalonia), Joan Bové Duran (Catalonia), Josep Codina Plana (Catalonia), Robert Essougou (France), Louie Guades (Italy) and Paul Peter (United Kingdom).


Visiting the Fonts of Our Charism

casa-madreTwo days after the Feast of St. Claret, I landed in Vic on a train from Barcelona. The pastoral landscape outside was green and refreshing and carried me back to memories. In a travel of about one hour, I tried to recollect the places and incidents in the life of Claret that I had read in his autobiography many years ago. Vic came before I had anticipated and I hurried down the train with the mental map of our house, thanks to Google map. But, as I was exiting the station someone called out my name loudly in an otherwise quiet station. Fr. Carlos Sánchez, a missionary from Peru. He is an authority on the biography and history of Claret and his times. (more…)

Visit of the Religious Sisters of Mary Immaculate-Claretian Missionaries


Claretian Missionaries Sisters (RMI) in the Museum.

The Religious Sisters of Mary Immaculate – Claretian Missionaries have held in Reus from 13 to 22 October, their XVIII Meeting of Superiors and Delegates of major Organizations with the General Government to prepare their next General Chapter.

On Friday October 21, 2016, these 17 Missionaries came to Vic as pilgrims to visit the Sepulchre of Fr Claret. After touring the museum and the CESC, they celebrated the Eucharist in the crypt.

We are showing below some of their testimonies written on the Museum guestbook: (more…)

Visit of Fr Alvaro Andrés Marín, CMF


Fr Alvaro Marin before Fr Claret’s tomb.


This year has been a time of “Grace” and of God’s gifts to my life, one among them which I call with this attractive heading. A moment, to be honest, I never thought I would come to live being a Claretian as I am.


Visit of Fr Marcelo Vásquez, CMF

Fr Marcelo Vasquez before Fr Claret’s photograph .

In the midst of summer heat I arrived in the town of Vic. After the gate there was the Mother House: the first home of the missionaries, after the founding of our Congregation. They also arrived there in summertime. Then, the emotion became a fraternal welcome thanks to the attentions from the present Claretian community. (more…)