In this space you will find the testimony of people who are living the missionary spirituality of St. Anthony Mary Claret. They share with us how they have found in Claret a travel companion to live their spirituality as followers of missionary Jesus Christ. The first testimony corresponds to a Claretian missionary in Latin America. Little by little, we will try to post further contributions from different people around the world. We hope that this fraternal space will help us all to live our own spiritual path with renewed passion. We will be more than pleased if you want to share with us your personal experience by sending us your written contribution!


His worn shoes challenge me to spend my life for the Gospel

I think I first met Claret for his sons, the Claretian Missionaries, without being quite aware of it. I suppose Claret’s name was something familiar to me from my earliest childhood, because my father was a pupil […]

“Returning to the sources”

I am Fr. Gustavo Alonso, cmf (Fr. Gustavo Alonso Taborda, was born in Santiago Temple, Córdoba Argentina, on August 12, 1931). In an age when my memory is losing its strength, I am invited by CESC in Vic to remember my first as well as present experiences of my life in relation to Claret, our Founder and inspirer. I collect what I can remember.                […]

To Claret through Tonet

Tonet, having a bowl of hot milk, leaning on the wooden table in the family kitchen, just before leaving for school. It’s cold. His mother has already prepared the brown cloth coat and a wool cap. It’s cold. And the bowl smokes gently, warming up his throat and  stomach.

This is my first memory (imagined, of course). Do not ask me why, because I have no idea… […]

Me and Claret

Everything has a beginning; I guess your vocation too.

Yes, indeed. Claretian reality has always been present in my life. I was born in 1942 in a farmhouse of the Plana de Vic, called “El Pas”. Currently it no longer exists. From my earliest childhood, in fact, I heard about Father Claret and the Claretians.                                     […]

Claret, for me, is a bridge and a gateway

I was lucky enough to be born in Gran Canaria, an island that was blessed more than a century and a half ago by the presence and missionary activity of Claret. His passage through this land left a deep impression that was transmitted for several generations and until very recently the elders told stories […]