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Basic Biographical Data

mail0007-xifre-can-sibiu-perspectivaJosé Xifré i Mussach was born in a farmhouse called “Can Sibiu” on the outskirts of the town of Vic on February 19, 1817. His parents were Josep and Teresa. He was the fourth of six siblings.

After having studied at the diocesan seminary of Vic, on February 16, 1840 he received the Priesthood ordination in Rome since the Spanish government had forbidden the bishops to confer Holy Orders. There he probably met a fellow countryman who was trying to offer himself as a Propaganda Fide (more…)


The organizing committee is formed by the following Claretians:

  1. Fr. Gonzalo Fernández cmf., Vicar General, President.
  2. Br. Josep Codina cmf., Provincial Government of Catalonia, coordinator.
  3. Fr. Jaume Sidera cmf., Biographer of Fr. J. Xifré.
  4. Fr. Ramon Olomí cmf., Provincial Accountant of Catalonia.
  5. Fr. Carlos Sánchez cmf., Director of CESC.

Opening events programme of “Xifré Year”

On February 19, 2017 we will celebrate the bicentennial of the birth of Fr. José Xifré Mussach, cmf, who was a cofounder and superior general of the Claretian Congregation for 42 years.

We will open the “Xifré Year” with some celebrations on the 17th and 18th of February, and it will be closed on November 3, 2017, a date that recalls his death in 1899. (more…)


We present in this space an anthology of texts written by Father Xifré himself, which can help us to know his life and his missionary spirit.


We offer various photographs and paintings that show the life career of Fr. J. Xifré Mussach.



We offer here different biographies written by Fr. Jaume Sidera, cmf. We include the monumental work appeared in 2014.


We present in this space different information and celebration materials that you can use on the occasion of the Xifré Year.