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Welcome, Fr. Placide Sumbula, CMF!

We warmly welcome Fr. Placide Sumbula, CMF, to CESC, who on June 6, 2018 has fully joined in the community of Vic and the CESC Team.

Father General assigned him to this new mission in April of last year and during the 2017-2018 academic term he studied Spanish in Madrid, where he lived in the community of Buen Suceso. (more…)

Claret, evangelizer of the peripheries of his time

From May 28 to June 2, 2018, Fr. Carlos Sánchez Miranda, cmf, Director of the CESC, has participated in the Encounter of Evangelizers in the peripheries, in Guatemala; on Wednesday the 30th, he gave the lecture entitled Claret, evangelizer of the peripheries of his time.

It is a rereading of Fr. Claret’s life from the key of the peripheries. On the CESC website, we offer the content of it so that we continue to deepen the knowledge of our Founder and may his apostolic dedication continue inspiring us to be more faithful to his missionary spirit.


Fonds of the Temple-Sepulture Project

To commemorate the celebration of Archives Week (International Archives Day 9 June 2018), we inform that we have just processed an important documentary collection.

On February 8, 2018 we received five hard cover volumes of historical documentation related to the Construction Project of the Church of Sant Antoni Maria Claret and the House of Spirituality Father Claret, in Vic (1947-1957).

It consists of the project, sketches, invoices and correspondence related to the construction (more…)

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My missionary experience of Claret

I confess that I have had to rediscover Claret throughout my life as a Claretian missionary. The ambition of discovering and living a life as a missionary priest has always been a great motivation in this search from the beginning. (more…)

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Visit of professors of the Claretian schools

For four days, from 9th to 13th April 2018, the second term (more…)

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August, 22 (Mary as Queen)

“Mary was at the centre of all the graces and beauties that God had distributed to the angels and saints and all creatures. Mary had to be the Queen and Lady of the angels and saints and therefore had to have more graces than them all, at the first instant of her being.” (Letter to a devotee of the Heart of Mary, in EC II, p. 1499).


Claret realizes that he cannot find words to praise what is “my all, after Jesus” (Aut 5). (more…)

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Fr Carlos Sánchez, CMF, Director of the Centre of Claretian Spirituality in Vic, presents the scope and mission of the CESC as a center of historical research and spur of Claretian spirituality.


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