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Merry Christmas!

With this Christmas drawing made by Fr. Claret himself and published in his famous book “Camí Dret” (Barcelona 1847, p. 114), we want to wish all our brothers and sisters of the Claretian Family and all those who frequently visit the website of Claretian Spirituality Center (CESC, Vic, Spain) a Christmas celebration full of serenity, joy and peace.

May the Lord, born in Bethlehem, renew our hope in this year 2020 when the covid-19 virus and other calamitous events (hurricanes, emigrations, wars …) have put our human solidarity and our Christian charity to the test.


Domènec Fita, a great sculptor of Claret

Domènec Fita, in the center. On your left Mn. Bonet Parish Priest of the Sagrada Familia (7-14-1997)

On Monday, November 9, 2020, aged 93, the great Catalan sculptor, Domènec Fita i Molat, died.

He was born in Gerona in 1927. Throughout his life he maintained a wide and deep relationship with the Claretian missionaries.

In 1959 he already sculpted an original image (more…)

Celebration of 150th anniversary of Fr. Claret’s Passover

(Vic, October 2020)

On the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the death –Easter- of Fr. Claret in Fontfroide (France, October 24, 1870), a good number of events have taken place in the preparation and execution of which the CESC has participated directly.

First of all, the Triduum of Prayer in preparation for the Solemnity of Saint Anthony Mary Claret. A 24-page booklet was prepared, offered to the entire Claretian Family, divided into three parts, one for each day, with biblical readings and others taken from Claret’s writings, (more…)

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Claret in Pixels

If Claret is alive today, knowing him well and all that he did, he would be using today’s platforms to attain his objectives of knowing God and letting others know Him, loving God and make others love Him more, serve God and bring others to serve Him better, to praise God and lead others to praise Him too.

I never dreamt of becoming a missionary. But maybe God dreamt that I would be one, so I am who I am today. Late that I have discovered my missionary vocation (more…)

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Triduum of Prayer for the on his 150th Death Anniversary

The triduum of prayer in preparation for the Solemnity of Saint Anthony Mary Claret prepared by the General Prefecture of Spirituality on the 150th year of his death it is now available in the library section of the Congregation ( (more…)

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January, 19

“Within a month I will not have a chaplain… As I see the Brothers liking very much to have a Priest form the Congregation and I too want like them, I ask you to send to me a Priest in consultation with the Consulters. I and the Brothers too will appreciate it”.

(Letter to Fr. Joseph Xifré, on 19 October, 1866, EC II, p. 1066).


In the 19th century all the bishops had a priest with them always. He was the one who was helping him to celebrate the Eucharist in the complicated ritual of that time; he used to be the secretary, etc. He was called “the chaplain”. (more…)

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Fr. Josep Rovira, cmf, member of the CESC, explains how young Anthony Claret lived situations that led him to rethink the meaning of his life and give a radical vocational response. We pray that the celebration of World Youth Day  may become an opportunity for many young people to deepen their experience of encountering Christ and dare to follow and announce him.

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