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Saint Oscar A. Romero and our community of Vic

On October 14, 2018, Pope Francis proclaims two great Christians of our time as Saints in St. Peter’s Square (Rome), namely, Pope Paul VI, Pope of Vatican II and the post-conciliar years (1963-1978), and the bishop from El Salvador Oscar Arnulfo Romero, martyr.

Oscar was born in Ciudad Barrios on August 15, 1917, and died in San Salvador on March 24, 1980. He is well-known for his strenuous public defense of the poor and human rights, and his solidarity with the victims of violence existing back then in his country. Due to this, he was killed by a military sniper during the celebration of the Mass in the chapel of the Divina Providencia hospital in the capital city. He is buried in the cathedral. In America, the simple folk began immediately to call him as “Saint Romero of America”. (more…)

Father Sebin changes to the Community of Vallecas

Fr. Sebin Mundackal, cmf, assigned by Fr. General as a member of the CESC, after seven months of study of the Spanish language he achieved  the B2 level of language and was admitted to the Universidad Pontificia Comillas (Madrid) where he is studying the degree in Theology, in the branch of History of the Church. Until September 2018 he has lived in the Community-Curia of the Province of Santiago, in Madrid; from now on he will a member of the Claretian Community of Vallecas (Madrid), where, in addition to his studies (more…)

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Travel companions

In my adolescence, I returned to the Christian life from which I had left shortly after receiving my First Communion. I was welcomed into a beautiful group of teenagers by a senior priest, almost blind, who was Fr. Andrés Pascual. In my experience I went to the parish of my neighborhood and did not know anything else. I was not yet aware of the reason why there was more than one priest in that temple and why a clear missionary dynamic was perceived in them. (more…)

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Apostolate Meeting

The Prefects of the Apostolate of Catalunya, Euskal Herria, France and Italy convened in Vic some 50 religious and lay people (more…)

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October, 15

“Jesus rode upon a donkey when He entered Jerusalem in triumph. I, too, gladly offer myself to Jesus to make use of me in his triumphant march over his enemies… ;of course, I know that the honors and praises I hear will not be for me, the donkey, but for Jesus, whose dignity I, though unworthy, bear”

(Aut. 669).


This type of thought can, without great effort, (more…)

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Fr Carlos Sánchez, CMF, Director of the Centre of Claretian Spirituality in Vic, presents the scope and mission of the CESC as a center of historical research and spur of Claretian spirituality.


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