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150th Birth anniversary of Brother Miquel Palau, CMF (1868-1929)

On June 4, 2018, we celebrated the 150th anniversary of Br. Miquel Palau’s birth and on October 16, 2019 we commemorated the 90th anniversary of his death. This exemplary Claretian brother, whose cause for beatification has been already introduced, was characterized for leading a life marked by the evangelical features of a deep union with God and a humble and helpful relationship with his fellowmen.

He spent all his life among tools of masonry, almost always in Cervera, where he died.


Intermediate biography of Fr. José Xifré

Fr. Jaume Sidera Plana, CMF, has become a specialist in the figure of that great Claretian who was Fr. Josep Xifré Mussach, CMF (1817-1899), co-founder (1849) and third Superior General (1858-1899).

Fr. Sidera has devoted many years of thorough and exhaustive research to studying the figure of this brother of ours, decisive in the history of our Congregation,. The result of his work was the monumental work in three large volumes: “Father Josep Xifré Mussach”, vol. I: “From the birth of Fr. Xifré to the expansion of the Congregation”, Ed. Claret, Barcelona 2014, 883 pp .; vol. II: “From the question of fundamentalism to the division of the Congregation into Provinces”, 922 pp; vol. III: “Last stage of the life of Fr. Xifré”, 750 pp. A total of 2,555 pages. The following year he published a booklet in the collection “Claretians of yesterday and today”: “As a profession, Missionary. Semblance of Fr. Josep Xifré, cmf”, Ed. Claretiana, Buenos Aires 2015, 48 pp. (more…)

Anthology of Spiritual texts of Fr Josep Xifré

Fr. Américo Paulo dos Santos Freitas Maia, cmf, from the province of Portugal, has selected a series of texts from the circulars written by Fr. José Xifré as well as from three of Fr. Xifré’s books (El auxiliar de los Misioneros, Espíritu de la Congregación y La gracia Divina) related to spiritual life and he has translated them into Portuguese.

This accurate and arduous work allows us, a year after the closing of the Xifré Year, to turn our regard to the spiritual magisterium of someone who was Superior General of our Congregation for more than 40 years.

We are given a new opportunity to drink from the sources of our missionary charism and find in these texts some encouragement to live our apostolic (more…)

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From the Claretian martyrs of Barbastro to Claret, a whole path…

I have had some difficulty in writing how my encounter with Claret happened and in doing so I have discovered the wealth of gifts that have been appearing in my life and of which in some moments I was not quite aware of.

I am the eldest daughter of six siblings. My initial formation, both cultural and religious, (more…)

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We found plenty of life

On January 25, 2019, six Claretian missionaries Sisters had the privilege of visiting the Mother House of the Claretian Missionaries in Vic. There were four (more…)

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February, 23

Our bread. Material bread. Eucharistic bread. Bread of doctrine. Bread of grace. Our bread, because it had to be gained with the sweat of our face. We have to prepare ourselves. We have to apply it. We have to co-operate. Then we will make ourselves believers in this bread and it will be ours

(The Holy Gospel of Our Lord Jesus Christ according to St. Mathew, annotations by…, Barcelona, 1859, p.47, Note).


Fr. Claret understands  ‘our bread’ so much in spiritual as in material sense: the Eucharist and meal of each day. (more…)

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Fr. Josep Rovira, cmf, member of the CESC, explains how young Anthony Claret lived situations that led him to rethink the meaning of his life and give a radical vocational response. We pray that the celebration of World Youth Day  may become an opportunity for many young people to deepen their experience of encountering Christ and dare to follow and announce him.

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