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Missionaries with hope and solidarity

Dear brothers and friends. A hearty greeting from our Mother House. Motivated by Father General’s letter received on April 3, we thought we would complement the message from CESC.

In this regard, we would like to recall three well-known episodes in the life of our Father Founder: one at the beginning of his priestly ministry in Viladrau; the other, during his episcopal ministry in Santiago de Cuba; and the last, during his exile in Paris.

When he returned from Rome in May 1840, he was assigned as regent to the small town of Viladrau. They were still suffering the harsh effects of the First Carlist War (1833-1840). In the words of Fr Claret: “That town [Viladrau] had been so worked over by the civil war, since it had been sacked at least thirteen times, there had been surprise attacks from both factions, fires and deaths…. (Aut. 179). Before that, he had said: “Since Viladrau was not a fortified town, so every now and then they came from one party or another; (more…)

Greeting from the CESC in times of global crisis and self-isolation

Dear brothers and friends. From the Mother House of our Congregation, we send you our fraternal greetings. Alongside the mortal remains of our Father and Founder we join in prayer with the entire Claretian Family asking the Lord for the victims of the coronavirus pandemic.

In these weeks, many of us, being missionaries, cannot go out onto the streets. In this Mission House, from its origins and for many years, its missionaries knew very well how to combine the time dedicated to the mission and during the preceding time to prepare themselves at home by cultivating prayer, fraternal life and formation. (more…)

Studia  Claretiana  2019

Volume XXXIV of “Studia Claretiana – 2019”, 220 pp., has just come out.

Just like in previous years, the reader can find the full text of the volume and the indexes in the corresponding section of this website. The articles deal with unpublished themes about Claret and some of his closest collaborators. We point out the titles: “The woman and women in the life and work of Saint Anthony Mary Claret”, “Claret seen by his chaplain and confessor. Witness of Don Carmelo Sala”, “Claret, evangelizer of the peripheries of his time ”,“ Manuel Subirana and his relationship with Claret ”, (more…)

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Claret in Pixels

If Claret is alive today, knowing him well and all that he did, he would be using today’s platforms to attain his objectives of knowing God and letting others know Him, loving God and make others love Him more, serve God and bring others to serve Him better, to praise God and lead others to praise Him too.

I never dreamt of becoming a missionary. But maybe God dreamt that I would be one, so I am who I am today. Late that I have discovered my missionary vocation (more…)

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Claretian pilgrimage

From February 22 to 25, 2020 a group of Claretians who are studying at the Faculty of the Jesuits in Frankfurt am Main (Germany) have come to visit the Claretian places. (more…)

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April 8

“I am so soft-hearted and compassionate that I can’t bear seeing misfortune or misery without doing something to help.” (Aut. 10).


Tenderness and compassion are very noble and evangelical sentiments because they show that other peoples’ pain affects us and impels us to do all we possible can to eliminate it or, at least to alleviate it. It also moves us to fight against its causes. It affects us because we feel that some how, the other person is part of us, is our brother.

Without doubt, mercy was one of the sentiments that marked Jesus’ life. The Synoptic Gospels report many times that (more…)

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Fr. Josep Rovira, cmf, member of the CESC, explains how young Anthony Claret lived situations that led him to rethink the meaning of his life and give a radical vocational response. We pray that the celebration of World Youth Day  may become an opportunity for many young people to deepen their experience of encountering Christ and dare to follow and announce him.

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