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We continue with the digitalization of our Photographic collection

This June and July we have resumed the digitization of a very important block of our Photographic Collection.

We have carried out this work with the help of Rohan Peries Maththes, CMF and Vittorio Bruscella CMF.

It has consisted of making a copy in TIFF format of each of the photos in our photographic collection. This activity has been carried out by Fr. Rohan. Subsequently, these photographs have been cut out, reduced and transformed into JPG format; later they have been posted in the BD (Database). This activity has been carried out by Fr. Vittorio.


Fr. Gustavo Alonso, CMF

On June 17, 2021, the Claretian Fr. Gustavo Alonso Taborda died in the community of Rosario (Argentina). He had been born in Santiago Temple (Córdoba – Argentina) on August 12, 1931. He made his religious profession on February 11, 1948 and was ordained a priest on August 7, 1955. He received a doctorate in Spiritual Theology at the Angelicum (Rome) in 1957. His doctoral thesis, of which we have a copy in the Cesc archive, was on: “The prayer and doctrinal synthesis of S. Anthony M. Claret.” Returning to his country of origin, he was a trainer, teacher, preacher, book writer, and even a poet, an aspect that is surely little known. Later he held important Claretian positions, such as Secretary General (1967-1973), Provincial Superior of Argentina-Uruguay (1974-1979) and Superior General (1979-1991). Still from 1993 to 1996 he was Provincial Superior of Argentina-Paraguay. (more…)

First Editions of the Catechism in Basque

On Archive Day 2021 we present this unique translation into Basque and at the same time the formidable work of Liburuklik .

We are pleased to announce that we have incorporated into our library catalogue a remarkable work by Fr. Claret, in its translation into euskera. It is also the only Basque translation of this important work by Claret in 1881. Fr. J.M. Alday, CMF, a CESC collaborator, had informed us about the existence of this work and about the possibility of making a digital copy of this important book of Claret’s work.

We have been able to print and bind this booklet from Liburuklik Digitized Bibliographic Heritage. (more…)

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Gesammelte Briefe. Band 2

Antonio María CLARET, Gesammelte Briefe. Band 2. Briefwechsel zwischen Claret und staatlichen Stellen zu Kuba, translated and edited by Wolfang Deiminger, Zürich 2018, pp. XI-608.

In a first volume published in 2014, the Claretian Fr. Wolfang Deiminger on behalf of the German Claretian Province, had offered to the German-speaking audience the letters between Claret and his great friend and collaborator, priest and later bishop, José Caixal. In this second volume he publishes the letters between the Archbishop of Santiago de Cuba and later Queen Isabel II’s confessor, and the state authorities during the Cuban period (1851-1857), (more…)

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Father Claret, your anxieties…


P. Claret, tus ansias misioneras
dieron prisa de Dios a tu pisada.
El te puso su miel en la mirada
y colocó en tu pecho sus hogueras.
Oleaje feroz de humanas fieras
te lanzaba constante dentellada,
pero tú, con tu Dios, como si nada
traspasaste los fuertes y fronteras.
Hoy te dice, Claret, mi voz sencilla
que tu voz de divino pregonero
se expande sin cesar de orilla a orilla.
Que tu nombre conoce el mundo entero, (more…)

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September, 16

“To the degrading drunkenness of the pleasures of the flesh and the blood have been opposed to the delicious banquet of the body and blood in the Most Holy Sacrament that brings us to the source of divine life.”

(Carta ascética… al presidente de uno de los coros de la Academia de San Miguel. Barcelona 1862, p. 26).


What are the ideals of a large part of our society today, of men and women and especially of young people?  It is usual reckoned as three: health, money, pleasure.  The wheel that keeps turning around is egotism. Looking not for what is good, true or beautiful but rather whatever pampers the senses now or provokes (more…)

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Historical photos are an important source for knowing our history. Here at Arxiu Claret there is a large collection of old photos that shows us the faces of many of our brothers and recalls a series of important events, such as the General Chapters, and moments of daily life, such as those shared in the houses of formation. Fr. Vittorio Bruscella, CMF, for two months has dedicated himself to unravel the mysteries of these photographs.

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