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Autobiography of St. Anthony Mary Claret in Vietnamese

Hanoi, Vietnam. There is no better way to understand, know the aspirations, inspirations, dreams, spirituality of a significant person than to read his or her autobiography and other writings about him or her.

Today, September 13, 2020, it is our joy to announce that the Autobiography of our Father Founder, St. Anthony Mary Claret, is now translated and available in the Vietnamese language ( Tự Thuật Thánh Antôn Maria Claret ).

Now, our Vietnamese brothers and sisters would understand better and know more the story of this man who worked hard that God may be better known, loved, (more…)

In remembrance of Dom Pedro Casaldáliga, CMF from Vic

On August 8, 2020, the bishop emeritus of Sâo Félix do Araguaia, Dom Pedro Casaldáliga i Pla, CMF, died at nursing home of the Claretian Missionaries of Batatais (Sâo Paulo, Brazil). He was born on February 16, 1928 in Balsareny (Province of Barcelona, ​​Spain). He made his Religious Profession at the Mother House of the Congregation, here in Vic, on September 8, 1945. He was ordained a priest on May 31, 1952 in Barcelona. (more…)

A grateful fraternal memory to Fr. Placide Sumbula

On August 2, the Claretian Fr. Placide Sumbula Kafutshi left for his country of origin, the Democratic Republic of the Congo. He was born in Gungu (DRC) in 1976; He professed in 2000 and was ordained a priest in 2008. He then graduated in Sacred Theology.

After a few years of intense apostolate in his homeland, he was assigned by Fr. General to form part of the commission in charge of the CESC. For this purpose, he arrived in Vic on September 17, 2017. During the 2017-2018 academic year he moved to Madrid (community of Buen Suceso) to deepen his study of the Spanish language. After that, on June 6, 2018, he became a full member of community in Vic and the CESC Team. Here he has been for the last two years at the service of the CESC (more…)

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Claret in Pixels

If Claret is alive today, knowing him well and all that he did, he would be using today’s platforms to attain his objectives of knowing God and letting others know Him, loving God and make others love Him more, serve God and bring others to serve Him better, to praise God and lead others to praise Him too.

I never dreamt of becoming a missionary. But maybe God dreamt that I would be one, so I am who I am today. Late that I have discovered my missionary vocation (more…)

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Claretian pilgrimage

From February 22 to 25, 2020 a group of Claretians who are studying at the Faculty of the Jesuits in Frankfurt am Main (Germany) have come to visit the Claretian places. (more…)

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September, 25

“What was foretold long ago and many times about what is happening in Spain has now come true.  I offer myself as a victim and the Lord has deigned to accept my offer as all kinds of calumnies, slanders, persecutions, etc. have come over me.  I have nothing but the testimony of my good conscience.  Thus I have always remained calm and in silence, I think only of Jesus.”

(Carta a la V. M. Antonia París, 21 de julio de 1869, en EC II, p. 1410)


‘A child of God is frequently called on to suffer as there is nothing that can convince more than suffering for the truth and the power of religion for those who see it, when the pain (more…)

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Fr. Josep Rovira, cmf, member of the CESC, explains how young Anthony Claret lived situations that led him to rethink the meaning of his life and give a radical vocational response. We pray that the celebration of World Youth Day  may become an opportunity for many young people to deepen their experience of encountering Christ and dare to follow and announce him.

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