“There were days that I found myself fervent and desired so much to die for Christ;  I didn’t know nor found something to talk about to my family relations and those outside that used to come to me except of the divine love.  I was hungry and thirsty for work and to spill my blood for Jesus and Mary; even from the pulpit I used to say that I wished to use the blood in my veins to seal the truths I was preaching.” (Aut 573).


“The heart has reasons that reason doesn’t understand”, said one great thinker. There are issues that only the heart understands.  Of course, those in love know this very well.  In this situation no amount of sacrifice, deprivations, works are enough, no matter how rough and hard they are.  The “pains” of love are not pains when the love is real.

The romantic songs repeat the same old story: “To die of love”… “You are my life”… Problem arises when we move from the letters of the songs to the reality of life.  In the family, can someone say to the husband, to the wife, to the children, to the parents, without lies…you are my life”?  And not just for a short period but always and all the time?

Claret was on fire with love.  His was not the romantic love, nor the platonic love, but very real love.    Those who knew him or those who came close to him experienced this fire and were contaminated by it.  It is the scriptural saying that “from the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks”. (Mtt 12, 34).  Claret expressed it verbally, and above all he showed it with his works and his entire life that he was encouraged by a great love for God and his contemporaries, a love that overwhelmed him completely.  His desires to seal with his blood the truths he was preaching were nothing other than the consequence of being wholly and madly in love with the cause of Christ.

When love is put into test in the gestures of our daily activities, in the details of the attention we pay to those who surround us, in the haste to serve our brothers, in the attention given to those who knock at the door of our mercy, then we can consider ourselves also of being inflamed by the love of God.

On the contrary when we lack delicacy, obligation, self-giving, consideration, loveliness, tolerance…, then the divine love is not burning in our hearts.