“The doctors and Fathers of the Church say that if the tree is known by its fruits as it is written in the Gospel, what shall we say of Mary who has given birth to that blessed Fruit which Saint Elizabeth so much praised when she said: Blessed is the fruit of your womb… Who am I that the Mother of God should visit me?” (Carta a un devoto del Corazón de María, en EC II, p. 1500s).

MARY, MOTHER OF GOD                          

A little known old proverb says: “the fish stuck out its head and the shores noticed it immediately”. Like all proverbs, it has its message. All my actions have repercussions and often someone feels the effect without knowing where it’s coming from. Multiply the proverb infinitely if the action is of God. He manifested his love for us his creatures by sending his Son who encamped amongst us. God’s emergence in the world has changed the situation of the planet, because the Grace of salvation has reached everyone, including those who are unaware of it. As the poet said “not even the stars have remained intact” (Carlos G: Valles).

Saint Elizabeth was the first to enjoy that impact and, full of the Spirit, she exclaimed her joy and understood that the cause of her excitement was the beating of that small heart that was in rhythm with Mary’s heartbeat. And the creature that was growing in her womb also jumped for joy. Confused by the privilege, she added: “How is it possible that the mother of my Lord should come to serve me?” I can know what you are, by feeling the fruit that you bring to humanity.

Elizabeth’s joy and humility elicited a reaction from Mary’ soul who exclaimed without any fear: “It is the Lord who has done these wonders in his lowly handmaid”. And with a prophetic voice she announced that this coming would finally bring the expected new reality – the kingdom of love, justice and service. Consequently the mighty will fall from their thrones and the lowly will take their place.

Certainly, Jesus’ message does not adapt to human egoistic circumstances. It comes to upset and subvert them. It does not adapt to human historical orders because it is above time. Thus, for instance, the instruction – “you cannot serve God and money” (Mt 6, 24) would creak in the ear of the tax-collectors, as it creaks today in the ear of corrupt people, drug traffickers and exploiters. Heaven and earth shall pass away, but the words of Jesus will never pass away.