Fr. Jaume Sidera Plana, CMF, has become a specialist in the figure of that great Claretian who was Fr. Josep Xifré Mussach, CMF (1817-1899), co-founder (1849) and third Superior General (1858-1899).

Fr. Sidera has devoted many years of thorough and exhaustive research to studying the figure of this brother of ours, decisive in the history of our Congregation,. The result of his work was the monumental work in three large volumes: “Father Josep Xifré Mussach”, vol. I: “From the birth of Fr. Xifré to the expansion of the Congregation”, Ed. Claret, Barcelona 2014, 883 pp .; vol. II: “From the question of fundamentalism to the division of the Congregation into Provinces”, 922 pp; vol. III: “Last stage of the life of Fr. Xifré”, 750 pp. A total of 2,555 pages. The following year he published a booklet in the collection “Claretians of yesterday and today”: “As a profession, Missionary. Semblance of Fr. Josep Xifré, cmf”, Ed. Claretiana, Buenos Aires 2015, 48 pp.

Finally, the author was asked for a publication that could be read more easily by all those to whom the reading of the three volumes could be difficult due to lack of time, and, on the other hand, the brochure leaves the desire to know more about our brother. And so, now a book of 239 pp has just come out. (Ed. Claret, Barcelona 2018): “As a profession, Missionary. Semblance of Fr. Josep Xifré i Mussach, CMF “. In this last contribution, Fr. Sidera gives us a complete, well-founded and easy-to-read view. If the great work should not be lacking in any community, especially formative, the latter deserves a careful personal reading by every Claretian. We honestly appreciate Fr. Sidera’s threefold effort which allows us to know as never before this great Claretian who was Fr. J. Xifré.