We are offering you, in a digital version, two new important works to know better Fr. Claret. The first, are his Spiritual Writings published in the Library of Christian Authors (BAC), in Madrid in 1985.

The author was a close friend of Fr. Claret, Fr. Francisco de Asís Aguilar, who would later be consecrated bishop of Astorga.

It is a biography of great historical value due to the closeness to the events occurred; in addition, it offers at the end, a series of testimonies from people who had known and had dealt directly with the Holy Missionary.

We are offering you, in digital version, two new works of great importance for the knowledge of the figure of Claret. The first, published by the Library of Christian Authors (BAC) in the already distant 1985, carries the title Spiritual Writings. It consists of several booklets of the saint, which are organized into four blocks, according to themes or recipients: of lay, priestly, missionary and Marian spirituality.

The second work that we are putting at your disposal is the first biography, not a mere review, of Saint Anthony M. Claret, published the year after his death. The author, D. Francisco de Asís Aguilar, a personal friend of the saint, was a professor of the seminary of Vic and renowned publicist of Ecclesiastical History and other matters.

He collaborated with Claret in the school that the archbishop established in El Escorial. Later he was rector of the seminary of Cordoba and bishop of Segorbe. In 1897 he was fortunate enough to preside over the funeral honours of Archbishop Claret on the occasion of the transfer of his remains from the monastery of Fontfroide to the town of Vic.

For his biography of Claret, Bishop Aguilar could hand the Autobiography of the same Claret (he was one of the first who knew about it), with reports that he requested from numerous people who had personally treated the saint, and he could also use his abundant personal memories.

Such a documented and fresh study is a necessary resource in order to know the person and work of Claret; his vindicating orientation of the honour of the missionary saint against pseudo biographies and other defamatory writings does not diminish his balance and objectivity.

These new materials are permanently posted in the Resources section of the main menu of our page, the first one in Spirituals Writings, the second one in Biographies: Vida del Exmo. é Illmo. Don Antonio María Claret.

Severiano Blanco Pacheco, cmf.