From February 22 to 25, 2020 a group of Claretians who are studying at the Faculty of the Jesuits in Frankfurt am Main (Germany) have come to visit the Claretian places.

Their names are: Anthony Vergen Lambert (Sri Lanka), Venansius Pilenthiran (Sri Lanka), Vinoraj Philix Arulnesan (Sri Lanka), Ugbede Martins Omale (Nigeria), Johnson Perianayagam (India), Wilibrodus Kanul (Indonesia), Evans Iregi Njiraini  (Kenya), Ugin Prem Kumar Arockiasamy (India). On their trip through Spain they were accompanied by Fr. Roland Onuekwusi (Nigeria), who is a member of the leading group “La Fragua” (Los Negrales, Spain).

The first day they travelled through Claret’s footsteps in Vic and the first villages where he preached (Viladrau, Espinelves, Seva, Santa Eugenia).

They celebrated and prayed before the tomb of our Holy Founding Father, then they also visited the Claretian Museum and the CESC Centre.

The next day they continued their pilgrimage visiting Sallent, the hermitage of Fussimanya and, in the afternoon, the Sanctuary-Monastery of Montserrat, which Claret visited four times and in which he preached.

On the 25th in the morning they left for Barbastro to know the place of martyrdom and pray before the grave of our Blessed Martyrs; then they were going to Madrid. Thank you, brothers, for your visit! We hope that this dense and rich experience has filled your missionary life with enthusiasm. (