Domènec Fita, in the center. On your left Mn. Bonet Parish Priest of the Sagrada Familia (7-14-1997)

On Monday, November 9, 2020, aged 93, the great Catalan sculptor, Domènec Fita i Molat, died.

He was born in Gerona in 1927. Throughout his life he maintained a wide and deep relationship with the Claretian missionaries.

In 1959 he already sculpted an original image of the Heart of Mary for the old Claretian church in his home city.

In 1976 he designed the tapestry that presides over the temple of the Birthplace of Fr. Claret, in addition to sculpting a crucifix and an image of the Heart of Mary.

In 1980 he worked on the construction and ornamentation of the new Claretian temple in Gerona. In it, the colourful 15 meters long by four wide stained-glass window with the Claretian allegory of the Angel of the Apocalypse stands out at the back of the temple. Also, the many details of Fr. Claret’s life sculpted on the external facade of the building with the intention of reminding the passers-by of the preacher of the towns and cities of Catalonia are striking.

In 1990 he made a bronze sculpture of the saint as a writer and catechist for the Claretian museum in Vic.

In 1997 he sculpted in stone a three-meter image of Fr. Claret as a missionary to be placed on the outside of the Basilica of the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona; it can be seen next to the Passion facade. The architect Antonio Gaudí had expressed his wish that the statue of Father Claret be the first to be placed outside the Expiatory Temple.

Domènec Fita, in the center, in the workshop of the carpenter Joan Tauleria (second from the left) working on the tomb of Father Claret (1999). Photograph taken by Fr. Anton Maria Vilarrubias, cmf.

That same year, Fita prepared an artistic set in bronze for one of the side chapels of the Cathedral of Vic as a reminder of the 100th anniversary of the transfer of the remains of Fr. Claret from the monastery of Fontfroide to Vic in 1897.

In 1998 he sculpted in stone a statue of the patron saint for the Claret College of Barcelona.

In 1999 he was commissioned to remodel the Crypt of the Temple-Sepulchre of Fr. Claret in Vic to turn it into a welcoming space for prayer around the sepulchre designed by himself in marquetry. It was his last great Claretian work.

On May 7, 2008, as part of the celebrations of the bicentennial of the birth of the saint from Sallent, he gave us an emotional testimony of his work as a Claretian sculptor; Although he could not attend the Lonja de Barcelona for health reasons, his presentation was read and has remained as a clear testimony of his admiration for the saint and his closeness to the Claretian missionaries. Our Father God has certainly welcomed him into the Beauty that he sensed in this world and now contemplates in all its splendour and, indeed, very close to Fr. Claret. Rest in peace.