On Archive Day 2021 we present this unique translation into Basque and at the same time the formidable work of Liburuklik .

We are pleased to announce that we have incorporated into our library catalogue a remarkable work by Fr. Claret, in its translation into euskera. It is also the only Basque translation of this important work by Claret in 1881. Fr. J.M. Alday, CMF, a CESC collaborator, had informed us about the existence of this work and about the possibility of making a digital copy of this important book of Claret’s work.

We have been able to print and bind this booklet from Liburuklik Digitized Bibliographic Heritage. Liburuklik is a cooperative project between institutions or libraries that have funds of patrimonial interest and the Department of Culture of the Basque Government. It is a repository that guarantees the conservation and dissemination of Basque digital heritage.

“Doctrina Cristavaren Catechismoa” D. Antonio Maria Claret (Bescansaren Moldizteian, 1881). This work has various singularities. One of them is that it is a translation into the Basque of Navarre. The translation was carried out by a Basque priest from Navarra, Don José Érasun, parish priest of Saldías.

On the other hand, thanks to the investigations of Fr. Alday, we have been able to discover that this translation into Basque very possibly took as a model the edition in Spanish, published in Barcelona by the Librería Riera in 1868.

Thank you Fr. Alday!