This June and July we have resumed the digitization of a very important block of our Photographic Collection.

We have carried out this work with the help of Rohan Peries Maththes, CMF and Vittorio Bruscella CMF.

It has consisted of making a copy in TIFF format of each of the photos in our photographic collection. This activity has been carried out by Fr. Rohan. Subsequently, these photographs have been cut out, reduced and transformed into JPG format; later they have been posted in the BD (Database). This activity has been carried out by Fr. Vittorio.

Vittorio himself has done some important documentation work to expand the information that appears in each descriptive sheet of the photograph, if there was some additional information.

Rohan Peries Maththes, CMF making the digital copies of the photographs.


Vittorio Bruscella, CMF

Fr. Agustí Castelló, CMF had previously done an enormous job on describing the photographs. Fr. Vittorio, however, has been able to enlarge many photographic files of the photographs from his native land, Italy.

At the moment we have uploaded a total of 2,500 (July 9, 2021) new photographs, corresponding to the topics: Congregation (photographs of Claretians or people linked to Claretians), People and Groups of Claretians. They include an important number of photos from the end of the 19th century to the beginning of the 20th, as well as different photos in which martyrs of the Congregation appear. We currently have a total of 2,706 digitized photographs and posted on our website.

The photographs are posted on the website in the Claret Archive section (Photographs subsection), in the home menu, with a short description. Once accessed, you have to take into account:

  1. Click on the See Photographic Catalogue button to access the collection of images in the catalogue and view them all.
  2. In the simple search of the general catalogue, select Material and write Photographs in the text box to see them all.
  3. In the Advanced Search in the general catalogue, filter results through the different fields and always selecting Photographs in Type of material.
  4. If you reach the screen: document has expired, reload it by clicking on Try again and then Resend.

The entire CESC team together with Joaquim Puigdemont, a former archivist who helps us in the implementation of the Photographic Catalogue.