On the celebration of the 173rd anniversary of the Foundation of our Congregation, I invite you all to join in the great thanksgiving that on July 16 we will raise to God for our existence, our history and our mission.

God’s dream for Claret continues to have a strong pulling force amid the turmoil of our times. The elders do not feel disappointed because we see the promises of the Lord fulfilled… and the young people also feel excited and delighted by the “lot of the inheritance” received. May nothing make our healthy pride of being what we are in the Church and for the world fade away.

As CESC Team we feel responsible for the spiritual animation of the Congregation and for the updating and enhancement of its history. Therefore, we want to do our best to maintain among us fidelity to the charism and make it visible through our lifestyle and our activities. We will thus make it evident that the work begun with Fr. Claret is truly great because of the holiness of his sons; holiness that is always impossible if we live in reclusion, dis-rooted and, even less, in confrontation.

Juan Carlos Martos cmf