“Oh Virgin and Mother of God, I offer myself as your son, and in the honour and glory of your purity I consecrate to you my soul and body, strength and feelings, and I beg you to grant me the grace never to commit sin again. Amen. Mother, behold your son. In you, my dearest Mother, I have put all my trust; let me never be put to shame. Amen.” (En Camí dret i segur per arribar al cel. Vich 1843 p.7

[and in all successive editions, in the various languages]).


What does sin mean for me today? Does it have any resonance in my life and my relationships or decisions? And, grace? This passage reminds us that there are certain things in life – the most important, absolutely – which we cannot achieve by ourselves and, on the other hand, will never be achieved without our freedom and will.

Many say that modern man has lost the sense of sin and faith in God. “If God does not exist, everything is permitted”, others will say so. And some will think, “let us increase the rules and penances, and in this way they will fear God and grow in faith”.  But, how little we talk about grace! Can we feel the real pain for a bad action and perceive its negative consequences? Can you regret a failure of the truth if you don’t know the person who is harmed by it? How distinctly sound our words like “forgiveness”, “fault”, and “pain” when there is love! The God´s love for us is the grace, his grace, his strength, his gentle breeze, that allows us to breathe, his Spirit.

“Where sin abounds, grace abounds all the more”, says Paul (Rm 5.20).  Perhaps, if we would put all our efforts in helping others to experience the grace of God, there would be more desire for change, more repudiation of sin. Thinking of myself: Do I spend more time in my prayer feeling bad about my faults or savouring the grace and the love that God has?

Mary is “full of grace”.  She experienced in her own flesh what is an overabundance of God fertilizing her own life, and Claret as well and many other saints. That’s why they were capable of great things. That is why they commend themselves to her and offer their whole life, leaving nothing of themselves, knowing that love and grace can do much more than the sin and evil of the world