On September 8, the “Scientific Conference to commemorate the bicentenary of the birth of Jaime Clotet, promoter of Catalan sign language” was held in the city of Vic.

This conference was rightly promoted by the University of Vic (UVIC) through its “Faculty of Business and Communication”. It had the collaboration of other various groups: the “Agrupació de deaf de Vic i comarca”, the “TRACTE Research Group”, the “Culture Department of the Generalitat de Catalunya”, the “Vic City Council” and “U Divulga ”.

The rapporteurs gave an account in their presentations of the well-deserved recognition of Fr. Clotet for the pedagogical innovations that he contributed and were collected in his writings. Such contributions were presented from his biography, the historical context and the comparison with other pedagogical schools for the deaf of the time. The unusual fact that the work of our co-founder makes him a true pioneer and promoter of Catalan Sign Language was highlighted.

Our Congregation was represented at the Conference with the contribution of Fr. Juan Carlos Martos cmf. If among us the figure of Clotet is not so well known in this dimension, it should not be reduced to oblivion any longer. May this event and the celebrations of this bicentennial of his birth serve to stimulate in all of us a greater rapprochement and appreciation of the figure of him as a venerable Claretian, trainer of missionary Brothers, catechist and, also, pedagogue of deaf people.

You can read the text at this link.