They have given us an unknown historical photo of one of Fr. Claret’s tombs. He passed through 9 graves since his death in Fontfroide (France) to the current one in Vic.

In 1932, given the difficult political-social situation in Spain, the body of Fr. Claret was removed from his tomb, which was in the so-called “deep chapel” of our church in Vic. , and hidden underground in the floor of the parish church of Santa Eugenia de Berga (a town near Vic).

It remained hidden there until 1934 when, on the occasion of the Beatification, it was brought to Vic and buried under the main altar of the temple that we had before the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939), where it remained until July 20, 1936. Then, due to the new tragic political-social situation, it was again unearthed and hidden underground on the ground floor of a private house, not far from our convent. The next day, some revolutionaries from Barcelona burned our church and convent, the city’s cathedral, etc.

In the photo that we offer we see the pit excavated in the pavement of the church of Santa Eugenia, which served as the secret tomb of our Father for two years (1932-1934).