The Claretian Spirituality Centre (CESC), created on November 10, 2003, is an organ of the General Prefecture of Spirituality of the Claretian Congregation.

We are a team of Claretian Missionaries called to keep alive the memory of our Founder Father and our family background and to bring about vital processes for the Spirit to continue inspiring and updating the evangelizing strength of our missionary charism.


The background is some soft light coming down dispelling the shadows represented by a pale purplish blue at the bottom of the page.

Fr Claret’s face is highlighted on the lower left corner avoiding, however, any prominence. This face is a copy of the sgraffito made by the artist from Barcelona Josep Brunet in the sixties of the twentieth century for the chapel of the postulants’ residence of the province of Catalonia in Sant Boi de Llobregat. To make this portrait the artist Brunet studied real photographs taken of the Founding Father in the last years of his life. In fact, Brunet was a professional oil portrait painter.

The three points linking stylistically the page are the Cross, the Holy Spirit and the Heart of Mary.

The red stripe on the outside, left and bottom sides, coming parallel with the cross takes over Claret’s image. It means the Redemption of Jesus Christ that fulfilled him completely.

The Founder’s face appears again amplified behind him in bright light. It is his spirit which, from eternity, wants to continue missioning with us.

The CESC is an instrument created by the Claretian Congregation to revive and keep St. Anthony Mary Claret’s spirit present in the Church.

CESC acronym is strong and brave, in a powerful colour. The edge of each letter, despite its sharpness, is referring to the fire of the Holy Spirit and the flame of the Heart of Mary.

A white colour trait crosses CESC letters. It is the echo of Claret’s bright white face which becomes present and renewed in the CESC.

And within the white track a red stripe can be made out which intends to insinuate the red shades of the Redemption, the Fire of the Spirit and the Heart of Mary, present in the spirit of CESC: it is the framework of this allegory of CESC.

Fr Antoni Vilarrubias, cmf.

Drawing created by Fr Antoni Vilarrubias. October 2016.