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Interview with Father Bruscella

Historical photos are an important source for knowing our history. Here at Arxiu Claret there is a large collection of old photos that shows us the faces of many of our brothers and recalls a series of important events, such as the General Chapters, and moments of daily life, such as those shared in the houses of formation. Fr. Vittorio Bruscella, CMF, for two months has dedicated himself to unravel the mysteries of these photographs. He has worked as a team with Fr. Rohan Peires, CMF, the archivist, Mr. Ricard Oliva, and our collaborator Mr. Joaquim Puigdemont, digitizing almost 4,000 photos. In addition, they have been placed on the website of CESC with their respective information. Here we present an entertaining interview with Fr. Vittorio, conducted by Fr. Sebin Mundackal, CMF. Fr. Vittorio, with the enthusiasm that characterizes him, explains to us his experience during these two months lived in the Mother House of Vic.

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Inauguración del Año Xifré

Como ya se había anunciado, en los días 17 y 18 de Febrero se han inaugurado en Vic las celebraciones con motivo del bicentenario del nacimiento del Rmo. P. Josep Xifré i Mussach cmf (19 de Febrero 1817); y concluirán el próximo Noviembre recordando la fecha de su muerte (3 de Noviembre 1899).

El viernes 17 tuvieron lugar dos celebraciones, una más externa, cultural y abierta al público, a las 18’30, en la llamada “Sala de la Columna” del Ayuntamiento de Vic, donde están, junto con el de nuestro homenajeado, los cuadros de algunos de los vicenses ilustres de siglos pasados. La otra celebración espiritual y privada, en la cripta de nuestro Templo, a las 21’30. (more…)

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Lecture given in the City Hall of Vic

Mr. Xavier Cateura gave a lecture entitled “Josep Xifré, an illustrious son of Vic, entrepreneur of a great work” in the Hall of the Column of Vic Town Hall, where a portrait of Father Xifré as illustrious son of the City is displayed. This conference was delivered on Friday, February 17, 2017 at 6:30 pm in the presence of the Bishop of Vic, the Superior General of the Congregation, the Major Superiors or their representatives of all Claretian organizations in Europe, members of the Claretian Family , The Tourism and Commerce Counsellor of the City of Vic and other interested people.

We offer you the Spanish version of the conference and the P.Point presentation (in Catalan) used during the conference.

Lecture given in the City Hall of Vic2021-12-19T15:14:39+01:00

Last Goodbye

Fr. Martin Alsina found this manuscrit (in Spanish) document between the writings of the deceased. It was his Last Good-bye.”

You can also see this same document in a later edition: Last Farewell. Lit. Cervera 1899, 14X9.5 cm. AC of Vic, Set A-1, 9-6, 42-48.

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Basic Biographical Data

José Xifré i Mussach was born in a farmhouse called “Can Sibiu” on the outskirts of the town of Vic on February 19, 1817. His parents were Josep and Teresa. He was the fourth of six siblings.

After having studied at the diocesan seminary of Vic, on February 16, 1840 he received the Priesthood ordination in Rome since the Spanish government had forbidden the bishops to confer Holy Orders. (more…)

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The organizing committee is formed by the following Claretians:

  1. Fr. Gonzalo Fernández cmf., Vicar General, President.
  2. Br. Josep Codina cmf., Provincial Government of Catalonia, coordinator.
  3. Fr. Jaume Sidera cmf., Biographer of Fr. J. Xifré.
  4. Fr. Ramon Olomí cmf., Provincial Accountant of Catalonia.
  5. Fr. Carlos Sánchez cmf., Director of CESC.

Opening events programme of “Xifré Year”

On February 19, 2017 we will celebrate the bicentennial of the birth of Fr. José Xifré Mussach, cmf, who was a cofounder and superior general of the Claretian Congregation for 42 years.

We will open the “Xifré Year” with some celebrations on the 17th and 18th of February, and it will be closed on November 3, 2017, a date that recalls his death in 1899. (more…)

Opening events programme of “Xifré Year”2021-12-19T15:17:13+01:00

Fragments of Fr. Xifré’s life

We are presenting  here a PowerPoint  prepared by Fr. Jaume Sidera, cmf, which gathers moments from the life of Fr. J. Xifré and some testimonies about his person. Its projection can be used as a first approach to the biography of our “second founder”.

Fragments of Fr. Xifré’s life2021-12-19T15:17:13+01:00