The CESC team has the support of some missionaries who, while not living in Vic, are specially engaged in the task of research and disseminate the memory of Fr. Claret.

CESC meeting and collaborators residing  in Spain, September 25, 2010.

Fr. Joan Sidera, cmf. more than 30 years he was in charge of the Arxiu Pairal, Vic.

CESC Collaborators

Fr. Josu María Alday Otxoa, cmf. (Basque Country)

Fr. Robert Avula Membo, cmf. (Central Africa)

Fr. Antonio Bellella Cardiel, cmf. (Santiago)

Fr. Severiano Blanco Pacheco, cmf. (Santiago)

Fr. José María Hernández Martínez, cmf. (Betica)

P. Jesús Mª Palacios Alcántara, cmf. (Bética)

Fr. Vicente Sanz Tobes, cmf. (Italy)

Fr. Joan Sidera Plana, cmf. (Catalonia)

Fr. Lawrence V., cmf. (Chennai)