Library Sections

1. Fr Claret’s Written works, with all their editions in chronological order

1.1. Short books
1.2. Books

2. Ex -Libris : from Claret, Co-founders, F. Bres , Currius

3. Essays about Claret

3.1. Big sources: Epistolary correspondence (produced and received), TB, Epistolary correspondence from Currius and from Caixal; Miscellany (Currius, Trials and position, Claret Archive, Studia Claretiana, …
3.2. Biographies of Fr. Claret
3.3. Essays on specific aspects of Fr Claret’s action or life
3.4. Theses and unpublished Works about Claret
3.5. Claret in the press

4. Auxiliary elements to study Fr. Claret

4.1.Books quoted by Claret (for his formation, inspiration…)
4.2. XIX century history of Spain and in particular of Catalonia, The Canary Islands and Cuba……
4.3. Biographies of Isabel II and politicians of XIX century
4.4. Biographies of assistant staff in Cuba and El Escorial
4.5. Life stories of Saints and clergy contemporaries of Claret (M Vedruna, M.Sacramento, etc.)
4.6. Encyclopaedias and dictionaries on Geography or Biographies

5. Congregation, provinces and houses

5.1. Official data: Catalogues and necrology
5.2. History of organizations, houses and activities
5.3. History of foreign missions, specially in Equatorial Guinea
5.4. Biographies of CMFs: Co-founders and other
5.5. Written works of co-founders and other companions
5.6. Claretian Martyrs (including some Spanish Civil War history)
5.7. CMF Legislation: complete history of Constitutions, Directories, OSGs and other regulations, prayer handbooks
5.8. General Chapters and proceedings
5.9. Books about charisma and spirituality of the Congregation. More circular letters, comments on CC, etc. About the brothers
5.10. About Formation and vocations foment in the Congregation. (Vocations histories; the well-informed Novice; The mirror of the Postulant…)
5.11. Claretian Missions: Guinea, Colombia, Panama…

6. Claretian Family

6.1. M. París and her Congregation
6.2. Cordimarian Filiation
6.3. Claretian Laypersons

7. Works of Claretians: preaching and pastoral, theology (specially RL), law, liturgy, literature and school books