Drinking in the sources of our charism

Our first mission is to preserve and increase our research on the person ality and the spiritual heritage of Saint Anthony Maria Claret. In this sense, it is essential to care, increase and organize our historical archive as well as a specialized library in order to contextualize our charismatic origins. We try to facilitate access to these sources to make renewed reading of our identity and mission, to allow us to be faithful to our original heritage using, however, current theological keys and building processes of enculturation of our charism in different cultural contexts.

Encouraging charismatic identification processes

Our second objective is to encourage our missionaries and other members of the Claretian Family to keep alive the missionary spirit that inspired our Founding Father. In this sense, we organize the one-month course Encounter with Claret, which offers the Claretians the possibility of visiting significant Claretian sites and deepen their knowledge of the life and mission of Fr. Claret. We also collaborate with the School of trainers Heart of Mary on issues related to our charisma and the history of our congregation. We welcome the pilgrims who come to Vic and we give lectures, courses and spiritual retreats in Claretian key when we are requested by the various Claretian organizations and associations.

Making available all the gift received

DSC01959We have been graced with an original missionary charisma to follow Jesus Christ and serve the Church and the world; therefore, we are fully committed to offer the treasure received. We do this through the publication of a specialized magazine, books and brochures, the website and production of religious prints and different materials based on Saint Anthony Maria Claret.


Fr. Jesus Bermejo research in 2010.