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Father Sebin changes to the Community of Vallecas

Fr. Sebin Mundackal, cmf, assigned by Fr. General as a member of the CESC, after seven months of study of the Spanish language he achieved  the B2 level of language and was admitted to the Universidad Pontificia Comillas (Madrid) where he is studying the degree in Theology, in the branch of History of the Church. Until September 2018 he has lived in the Community-Curia of the Province of Santiago, in Madrid; from now on he will a member of the Claretian Community of Vallecas (Madrid), where, in addition to his studies (more…)

Family Retreat

Salvatierra (Agurain, Euskadi), Spain. Last Saturday, September 22, the Claretian Family of the Province of Euskal Herria met in Salvatierra to celebrate a day of retreat at the beginning of the course. After the welcome and opening prayer, Fr. Carlos Sanchez, CMF offered a rich conference proposing Fr. Claret as a model of missionary holiness. He made them know more of the keys that shaped the life of Fr. Claret, which in turn would become (more…)

Commemorating Adversities

On September 18, 1868, the so-called Glorious Revolution broke out. On the 30th of the same month, Fr. Claret left for exile in France with Isabel II and his royal entourage; and the Congregation lived its first martyr experience with the death of Fr. Francisco Crusats. All the Claretian communities, except Huesca, were evicted and the missionaries sought refuge where they could. On October 18, the government suppressed, among others, our Institute at a civilian level. Meanwhile, Father José Xifré, threatened with death and hidden, tried to govern a dispersed Congregation touched by discouragement and despair. As we celebrate the 150th anniversary of these events, let us turn our attention to this memorable page of our history to discover the spirit with which our brothers faced each other and tried to overcome the difficulties. (more…)

Welcome, Fr. Placide Sumbula, CMF!

We warmly welcome Fr. Placide Sumbula, CMF, to CESC, who on June 6, 2018 has fully joined in the community of Vic and the CESC Team.

Father General assigned him to this new mission in April of last year and during the 2017-2018 academic term he studied Spanish in Madrid, where he lived in the community of Buen Suceso. (more…)

Claret, evangelizer of the peripheries of his time

From May 28 to June 2, 2018, Fr. Carlos Sánchez Miranda, cmf, Director of the CESC, has participated in the Encounter of Evangelizers in the peripheries, in Guatemala; on Wednesday the 30th, he gave the lecture entitled Claret, evangelizer of the peripheries of his time.

It is a rereading of Fr. Claret’s life from the key of the peripheries. On the CESC website, we offer the content of it so that we continue to deepen the knowledge of our Founder and may his apostolic dedication continue inspiring us to be more faithful to his missionary spirit.