Today is International Archives Day!

June 9 is the day when professionals and organizations in the archival community unite their voices to show the world why it is essential to support archives and the profession. Today, the fourth day of #IAW2022, we have brought together archivists, records managers and private and public archival institutions from around the world to share with us how #ArchivesAreYou with photos, videos, and even audios!

Have you already shared yours? #ArchivesAreYou could be your team in your National Archives or the records that you found in your personal archives. #ArchivesAreYou could be the communities that are creating stories through oral histories or the documents that are now digitized and available to the public.

Don’t forget to use the hashtags #ArchivesAreYou and #IAW2022 so that everyone can see that you are part of this global archival community! 


A “later co-founder”

We are commemorating the 100th anniversary of the death of Fr. Martín Alsina (1859-1922). It is an occasion to remember the importance of his personality and his contributions in the numerical and institutional growth of our Congregation. The biography written by Fr. Ezequiel Villarroya, CMF is a complete guide to Fr. Alsina’s life. Although he does not belong to the group of co-founders, the spirit that he inherited from the co-founders made him a model, an example and a reference for the next generation of Claretians. “This was the phenomenon that was experienced in front of that great Missionary and General of Missionaries, the Very Reverend Fr. Martín Alsina. The missionaries felt their chests dilate with impulses of love for the Congregation when contemplating that man, all ideal, all heart, activity, balance and moderation” (p. 6). (more…)

Un hombre en la presencia de Dios

M. LOZANO, Un hombre en la presencia de Dios. Estudio sobre la experiencia espiritual del Siervo de Dios, P. Jaime Clotet, C.M.F., (A man in the presence of God. Study on the spiritual experience of the Servant of God, Fr. Jaime Clotet, C.M.F.), Grottaferrata (Rome) 1971, 341 pp.

While the books by M. Garnica and A. M. Arranz, recently reviewed, focused especially on historical facts, Lozano’s work tries to deepen the inner spiritual reality of Fr. Clotet. (more…)

Viejos Zapatos

Viejos Zapatos

Os he visto, zapatos

en la vitrina del museo,

no los rojos y dorados del arzobispo,

los gastados y humildes del misionero.

Llevabais sus pies dolidos, cansados (more…)


August, 17

“Do not aspire to the dignities and ecclesiastical benefices, yes God does not call you to them, like Aron; and if the divine Providence does place you in them, consider with great frequency the heavy weight that falls on your shoulders, so much respect for yourself and the others who are your subjects.”

(Notices to a priest who has just done the Ignatian exercises. Vic 1844; p. 5).


“But not so with you” (Lk 22, 26).  Jesus said this to his disciples after watching closely how the people of his time rivalled each other for power, privileges and social hierarchy. He affectionately urges them not to consent to such temptation. (more…)


On July 24, 2022 we celebrate the bicentennial of the birth of Fr. Clotet, who was part of the founding group, as a witness and protagonist, and later had a decisive role in the life and development of the Congregation. It is good to refresh his memory to realize his importance in the establishment and development of the Congregation.
Fr. Severiano Blanco, CMF shares with us some important dimensions of Fr. Clotet’s life. Father Blanco is currently one of the best connoisseurs of the life and spirituality of Fr. Claret, co-founders and those around them.

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