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New article about Miquel Palau, CMF (1868-1929)

We present the third part of a work done with part of our documentary collection. In this case it is the work carried out by Josep Mª Badia, a relative of Br. Palau.

Today, June 4, we recall the anniversary 153 of the birth of this illustrious son of Serrateix (Berguedà, Catalonia). This exemplary Claretian, whose beatification cause has already been introduced, was characterized by leading a life marked by the evangelical traits of a deep union with God and a humble and helpful treatment with his fellow men. (more…)

Article about the Fr. Joan Sidera Plana CMF

“Quaderns de la Selva, 30 (2018)”

The Claretian Fr. Joan Sidera Plana (La Cellera de Ter, 1918 – Barcelona, ​​2018), a tireless researcher on Fr. Claret.

The Centre d’Estudis Selvatans, together with the Regional Historical Archive of Santa Coloma de Farners, have been publishing this annual miscellaneous journal since 1984.

In this case they announce the publication of a very interesting article for the history of the Claret Archive in Vic. It’s a work by his own brother, Jaume Sidera Plana also a Claretian himself, in which he sums up Fr. Joan’s very interesting life. We point out, above all, the period since 1979, when he was assigned to Vic, (more…)

Arrival of a new CESC member 

We warmly welcome Fr. Rohan Peries!

The Claretian Fr. Leon Rohan Peries Maththes, has been assigned by the General Government to Vic on November 10, 2020, to be part of the CESC.

He was born in Pesalai-Mannar (Sri Lanka) on March 26, 1984. He professed on September 8 and was ordained a priest on April 8, 2015. After many difficulties in obtaining the visa, since he had to go, in full pandemic of the covid-19, to New Dehli (India) to collect it, he has arrived in Vic on April 26 of the current year 2021. (more…)

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CLARET, Antonio Maria

GUASCO Alberto, Claret Antonio Maria (1807-1870), EMI, Verona 2020, pp. 143.


The Claretian Community of “via Gaggio” (Lecco, Italy), on the occasion of its 45 years of existence, has wanted to offer the Italian-speaking public this life of Saint Anthony Maria Claret, in the “Lampi di storia” collection of EMI Publishing Co. from Verona.

The author, Alberto Guasco, is well known as a researcher at the Cnr-Isem (Institute for the History of Mediterranean Europe) in Milan (more…)

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You humbly left (Claret, 150 years old)

(Claret, hymn on the occasion of the 150 years of his death 1870-2020. Song and score).

Text: Fernando VILLA, cmf.

Music: Luis ELIZALDE, cmf. (more…)

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September, 15 (Our Lady of Sorrows)

“You will thank Mary if you manage to receive the holy Eucharist with dignity and frequently, having Jesus deposited in your heart as in a tabernacle and accompanying a very afflicted Mother in her anguished solitude” (Explicación de la paloma [=Resumen de los principales documentos…]. Barcelona 1848; p. 31).


The sorrows of Mary, which Claret invites us to remember, begin shortly after the birth of Jesus and end when Mary leaves the body of her Son lying in the tomb after witnessing the crucifixion and holding him dead in her arms at the foot of the cross.  In the phrase of Claret, this image of the tomb resonates: (more…)

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Historical photos are an important source for knowing our history. Here at Arxiu Claret there is a large collection of old photos that shows us the faces of many of our brothers and recalls a series of important events, such as the General Chapters, and moments of daily life, such as those shared in the houses of formation. Fr. Vittorio Bruscella, CMF, for two months has dedicated himself to unravel the mysteries of these photographs.

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