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“A Mystic of the action”, new digitized book

Continuing with our digitization work, on this Saint George’s Day and also Book Day we offer you a new book of great importance among the studies dedicated to the figure of Claret:


Study on the development of his experience and spiritual doctrine



Barcelona- 1983 (more…)

New issue of Studia Claretiana

Studia Claretiana 2020

Volume XXXV of “Studia Claretiana – 2020” has just come out. It offers the main events and contributions of 2020 on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the death of Saint Anthony Maria Claret, of the arrival of the Missionaries to America – specifically to Chile – and the foundation in Algiers. Not everything that was done and said is here, but the most significant is. Other references can be found in “Annales Congregationis” and in other publications. We have divided the volume in a different way from the way used in previous years. The division is marked according to the various thematic blocks or moments of celebration. (more…)

Happy Easter 2021!

“Catecismo de la Doctrina Cristiana”(1860)

Happy Easter!

We wish everyone the joy of the risen Lord using a print drawn by Fr. Claret. The symbolisms used in it are very interesting because it leaves a valuable message for all of us. The grouping of historical and symbolic elements that bring about a detailed pictorial presentation of the mystery of the resurrection. The main and central element is the risen Lord, under his foot, death figured as a corpse. Below is the open tomb and right next to it is the scene of the resurrection of the Holy Fathers who were awaiting the resurrection of the entire human race from Adam and Eve. “In you our fathers trusted, and you delivered them” (Ps 21,5). (more…)

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Deep-rooted and risky

BOCOS MERINO Aquilino, CMF, Cardinal, Arraigados y arriesgados. Siguiendo las huellas de Claret en el 150 aniversario de su muerte, (Deep-rooted and risky. Following in Claret’s footsteps on the 150th anniversary of his death), CMF General Government, Rome 2020, Claretian Publications, Madrid 2020, pp. 422.

As Fr. M Vattamattam, current Superior General of the Claretian Congregation says, “this book, Arraigados y arriesgados, (more…)

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September, 14

“When an institute or convent does not have spirit, it is dead; it will not listen to voices or dispositions, however wise, holy and charitable they may be.”

(Notas sobre el Concilio Vaticano I, en AEC p. 578)


For Claret it is the spirit that keeps us on course. It is one’s spirit that lets us be upright before difficulties and challenges.  It is in the small things where consistency of this spirit is tested.

There have been many attempts at reform within the Christian and religious life but only those that have come after listening closely to the Spirit have been successful. (more…)

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Historical photos are an important source for knowing our history. Here at Arxiu Claret there is a large collection of old photos that shows us the faces of many of our brothers and recalls a series of important events, such as the General Chapters, and moments of daily life, such as those shared in the houses of formation. Fr. Vittorio Bruscella, CMF, for two months has dedicated himself to unravel the mysteries of these photographs.

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