In this space we present various experiences of individuals and groups which have come to Vic and have visited the Mother House of the Claretian.

Making the past present to live the future

I want to share with you the experience of the Claretian path in my life. My name is Sister Nidiagnis Otalvarez, Claretian Missionary, (more…)

We found plenty of life

On January 25, 2019, six Claretian missionaries Sisters had the privilege of visiting the Mother House of the Claretian Missionaries in Vic. There were four junior sisters of ours from Indonesia, Vietnam and the Democratic Republic of Congo; a perpetual professed of this latter country and the General Prefect of Formation.

The missionaries welcomed us warmly. Fr. Josep Rovira showed us round the places where Claret had been in the city of Vic. (more…)

Light in fog

They were days of misty fog pierced by a soft triumphant light. So were the pilgrimage days we spent in Claretian lands at the beginning of December 2018.

The 13 Claretians of this Forge-23 travelled those places, noticing how the clarity of a gospel-pierced life was still stronger than that thick and persistent fog that blurred the Osona region.


Apostolate Meeting

The Prefects of the Apostolate of Catalunya, Euskal Herria, France and Italy convened in Vic some 50 religious and lay people from its respective Organisms from October 5 to 7, to favor a mutual meeting among them, contribute to the present draft of the Provincial Project of Life and Mission, and share the pastoral work they do in their respective Organisms. (more…)

Visit of professors of the Claretian schools

For four days, from 9th to 13th April 2018, the second term of the V Promotion of charismatic identity and spirituality took place in the House of Spirituality of Claretian Missionaries (female branch) in Barcelona; this course is intended to deepen in the Claretian identity and addressed specially to professors of the colleges of the Claretian Family in Spain. (more…)