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In this new section you will find a review of various works of special interest to the Claretian family.

Aquell temps de punys alçats

Josep Maria VIÑAS i COLOMER, Aquell temps de punys alçats. Memòries d’un jove vigatà sobre l’esclat revolucionari de 1936 a la seva ciutat i la posterior fugida pels Pirineus,  edición cuidada por Xavier Cateura i Valls, Trencada Ed., Vic 2019, pp. 186.

Josep Maria Viñas (Vic 1920 – Victoriaville, Canada, 2016) has been one of the Claretian missionaries who has most influenced in recent decades in favour of the knowledge of the life and spirituality of Saint Anthony Maria Claret. (more…)

For the Church and the Congregation, Fr. Joan Postius Sala cmf

Severiano BLANCO PACHECO, CMF, Por la Iglesia y la Congregación, P. Juan Postius Sala cmf, Col. “Claretianos de ayer y de hoy” n. 6, Ed Claret, Argentina 2015, pp. 96.

The Claretian, Fr. S. Blanco, one of the best current experts of Claret’s life and of the history of the Congregation, offers us in this short book the story of one of the great Claretians of our congregational history: Fr. Juan Postius (1876-1952). A figure that deserves a special memory. (more…)

Joaquima de Vedruna. Four lives in one

LLACH María Teresa, Joaquima de Vedruna. Quatre vides en una, Claret, Bcn 2021, pp. 276.

The vedruna sister M. T. Llach is one of the best current experts of the life and spirit of Saint Joaquina de Vedruna y Mas (Barcelona 1783-1854). In this book she updates us on what is known about the saint. This is its novelty (cf. p. 8).

Saint Joaquina is certainly a complex and extraordinary case of the wealth of women. Llach calls her an “expert in humanity” (p. 9). (more…)

Gesammelte Briefe. Band 2

Antonio María CLARET, Gesammelte Briefe. Band 2. Briefwechsel zwischen Claret und staatlichen Stellen zu Kuba, translated and edited by Wolfang Deiminger, Zürich 2018, pp. XI-608.

In a first volume published in 2014, the Claretian Fr. Wolfang Deiminger on behalf of the German Claretian Province, had offered to the German-speaking audience the letters between Claret and his great friend and collaborator, priest and later bishop, José Caixal. In this second volume he publishes the letters between the Archbishop of Santiago de Cuba and later Queen Isabel II’s confessor, and the state authorities during the Cuban period (1851-1857), (more…)

CLARET, Antonio Maria

GUASCO Alberto, Claret Antonio Maria (1807-1870), EMI, Verona 2020, pp. 143.


The Claretian Community of “via Gaggio” (Lecco, Italy), on the occasion of its 45 years of existence, has wanted to offer the Italian-speaking public this life of Saint Anthony Maria Claret, in the “Lampi di storia” collection of EMI Publishing Co. from Verona.

The author, Alberto Guasco, is well known as a researcher at the Cnr-Isem (Institute for the History of Mediterranean Europe) in Milan (more…)

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