January, 29

“I am quite sure that without special help from heaven it would have been impossible for me to bear up under the tiring and prolonged work load I bore from 1840 to 1847, when I went to the Canary Islands…”



As per what this text reflects, Father Claret spent 7 years for the mission in the Catalonian lands. Paying attention on those investigators, his passionate missionary sons, to know and spread his life and work, they draw our attention that during this period (more…)

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January, 28

“When I baptized the princess Concepción, they were obliged by custom to offer me something, but I begged and beseeched them not to, and to spare my feelings they did as I asked. When I retired from the palace, I had the great satisfaction of being able to say that I had nothing from Her Majesty, not even a pin”



When Jesus sent his apostles to preach the gospel, he reminds them that they have received freely and they have to give freely (Cf. Mt 10:8). Paul manifested on many occasions (more…)

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January, 27

“You cannot form an idea of how much the hell works against me: very cruel slanders, words, works, and threats of death; all these are placed into play how to tarnish my reputation and threaten me; but by the help of God, I don´t pay attention to them” (Letter to Fr. Xifre, 15.1.1864, in EC II, p. 747).


The missionary life of Father Claret is from the biblical inspiration. His great model is Jesus Christ who gathers the apostles to form a community with the evangelizing vocation. He is inspired also in word, life and activities of the apostle Paul. Jesus as well as Paul did not lack difficulties, (more…)

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January, 26

“I have to be a burning candle that melts the wax and gives light till it dies. Like the members of the body united with the head and the iron to the magnet, I desire to be united with Jesus in the Sacrament and in heaven”

(Resolutions of 1870; in AEC p. 730).


Father Claret emphasizes the importance of the sacrifice of the self to remain permanently united with Jesus. He makes use of the well known symbol of the burning candle to explain it. You know very well the common law of slowly dying to oneself in the spiritual life. (more…)

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January, 25

“I always tried to maintain myself balanced and in a same humour, without allowing myself to be dominated by sorrow, too much of joy, but remembering always Jesus, Mary and St. Joseph who had troubles” (Resolutions of the year 1850; in AEC p. 663).


There were saints who have remained in people´s mind like masters of good humour. Among them a special importance is usually given to St. Philip Neri, the Florentine saint of the 15th century who began the Oratories in Rome. They were meeting places to pray and share the Word of God (more…)

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January, 24

“Jesus is the way we have to fallow, the truth we have to believe and life we have to live. This is the doctrine preached by the apostles and the Fathers of the Church and the ministers of the Word of God have preached and will preach” (L´egoismo vinto, Rome, 1869, p. 47; retranslated into EE p. 406).


Essentially, Jesus is all for Claret. (Auto. 755). For him, he is not a person of the past, but a loving friend, a permanent companion of the journey and the Lord at whose service he entrusted his life. He was mad after knowing “the most holy will” of Jesus and fulfilling it (Auto. 445 & 754). (more…)

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January, 23

“The love of God and selfishness are two contrary loves that resist one another; they are like water and fire. The blacksmith´s dirty water vessel…..will put off the hot iron. So also the divine love is puts off” (Unedited text, Mss. Claret, vol. XIII, p. 697).


The love of God is not an idea, but an experience. Father Claret was an experienced person in this love which he compares to fire. For him, the fire of love is also a symbol of life: love creates and leads us to offer ourselves for others. For Jesus, “there is no greater love than this, (more…)

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January, 22

“My God, I want nothing of this world, nothing but your grace, your holy love and heavenly glory”

(Aut. 636).


We are short sighted people. As life goes ahead, we lose sight of the scope and we adapt ourselves to small things. As we are losing the energy, we lose our dreams and enthusiasm to open up new ways; we find difficult to have higher visions; and besides, we give up the capacity to go up and consider the sky as our limit. We find difficult to accept changes and we become conformed to lower visions. (more…)

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January, 21

“As a small child I and my sister Rose, who was very devout, made frequent visits to the shrine of the Virgin called Fussimanya, a league away from my home. I cannot describe the devotion I felt at this shrine. Even before I got there, as soon as I could see the outline of the chapel, I felt so emotional that tears of tenderness welled up in my eyes.We started saying the rosary and kept praying all the way to the chapel. I have visited the shrine at Fussimanya whenever I could, not only as a child but as student, priest, and even as archbishop before I left for my diocese” (Aut. 49).


There are aspects (more…)

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January, 20

“Mary has to be the Mother of God himself. According to a philosophical principle there has to be a certain proportion between the form and the dispositions of the matter: the dignity of Mother of God is here like form and the Heart of Mary is the matter that has to receive this form. Oh, what a summit of graces, virtues and other dispositions are put together in that most holy and purest Heart” (Letter of Father Claret to a devotee of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, in EC, II, p. 1499).


Before so many virtues and graces, these admirations of Claret´s soul are certainly (more…)

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