Interview with Father Bruscella

Historical photos are an important source for knowing our history. Here at Arxiu Claret there is a large collection of old photos that shows us the faces of many of our brothers and recalls a series of important events, such as the General Chapters, and moments of daily life, such as those shared in the houses of formation. Fr. Vittorio Bruscella, CMF, for two months has dedicated himself to unravel the mysteries of these photographs. He has worked as a team with Fr. Rohan Peires, CMF, the archivist, Mr. Ricard Oliva, and our collaborator Mr. Joaquim Puigdemont, digitizing almost 4,000 photos. In addition, they have been placed on the website of CESC with their respective information. Here we present an entertaining interview with Fr. Vittorio, conducted by Fr. Sebin Mundackal, CMF. Fr. Vittorio, with the enthusiasm that characterizes him, explains to us his experience during these two months lived in the Mother House of Vic.

Foundation Day

  In 1849 16th July, Fr. Claret together with five of his companions founded the Congregation of the Sons of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Today as we cherish the memory of this humble beginning, the Mother-House and the foundation room in Vic, Spain give life to this memory and motivates each and every claretian missionary to follow the spirit and charism of our founder that have been transmitted to us through the missionaries who went ahead of us. Happy Foundation day!

Providence and confidence in difficult congregational moments

  Interview conducted on July 5, 2018 in Santiago de Chile, by the student Ezequiel Takaya, cmf, from the Province of San José del Sur, to Fr. Carlos Sánchez, cmf, Director of the Claretian Spirituality Center of Vic, about some aspects of Claret and Claretian spirituality.

The scope and mission of the CESC

Carlos Sánchez, CMF, Director of the Centre of Claretian Spirituality in Vic, presents the scope and mission of the CESC as a center of historical research and spur of Claretian spirituality.

Canonization of Fr. Claret (1950)

Video about the canonization of Fr. Claret on May 7, 1950.

The childhood and youth of Fr. Claret

Video about the childhood and youth of Fr. Claret, founder of the Claretian Missionaries.

Father Claret in Madrid: beginnings and arrival of the Claretians

Fr. Severiano Blanco explains the arrival of Fr. Claret in Madrid, the initial uncertainties and the arrival of the Claretians to the city.

Casaldaliga and Claret: The Mission Today

Pedro Casaldaliga, Bishop of Sao Felix, talks about how he understands the Claretian spirit today.
Pedro Casaldaliga cmf, Bishop of Sao Felix, tell us how we live the claretian spirit today.

Born to evangelize: Formation – Listen to the Lord

Father Jesu Doss cmf, a former member of CESC, shares some guidelines and advice to be more attentive to the Lord’s listening.