In this space you will find the testimony of people who are living the missionary spirituality of St. Anthony Mary Claret. They share with us how they have found in Claret a travel companion to live their spirituality as followers of missionary Jesus Christ. The first testimony corresponds to a Claretian missionary in Latin America. Little by little, we will try to post further contributions from different people around the world. We hope that this fraternal space will help us all to live our own spiritual path with renewed passion. We will be more than pleased if you want to share with us your personal experience by sending us your written contribution!


Travel companiosn

That  I would become  a  Claretian  Missionary – such a thought never crossed my mind until my 15th year. Surely I wanted to become a priest although I, the 7th one in the family of 8 children, saw 4 of my elder ones going to embrace the religious life. 3 sisters became consecreated Religious and my next elder brother, Mathew went to Germany to become a Claretian. My intention was to join the seminary to become a priest. After the Secondary School final exam, when I was seriously thinking to apply for the diocesan (more…)

My experience with Claret

I must admit that my experience with Claret was appearing as I was growing in age and Missionary responsibility. In my first years of postulancy I do not remember being told about Claret. However, some Missionaries from the Philippines who used to visit the formation centers did tell us about their work in the Mission, tired though joyful and enthusiastic and always missionaries in the style of Claret. Working for the Kingdom with humility and affiliation to the Heart of Mary (more…)

Oh Claret, my dear brother!

Ken Masuda, cmf.

For many people Claret is a great saint and heroic missionary who had a great influence on the Church and society of 19th Century. But for me, it is my “oniichan”, as we call in Japanese with love an older brother, since I see his presence in each of my brothers. I am convinced that “Claret oniichan”, my dear brother Claret, continues to encourage me every day without fail.

My first meeting with Claret was due to our friendship with the Claretian Fathers of the Claretian parish of Hirakata (Osaka), where I was baptized and grew up in the Christian faith. I remember that the Claretian Fathers always worked tirelessly for the happiness of the faithful and with a smile for everyone. (more…)

Travel companions

F. Kuhn, cmf.

In my adolescence, I returned to the Christian life from which I had left shortly after receiving my First Communion. I was welcomed into a beautiful group of teenagers by a senior priest, almost blind, who was Fr. Andrés Pascual. In my experience I went to the parish of my neighborhood and did not know anything else. I was not yet aware of the reason why there was more than one priest in that temple and why a clear missionary dynamic was perceived in them. (more…)

Claret… Through the back door

Lluís Balañá, cmf.

Prehistory of my encounter with Claret.

Since I was an altar boy in my village, I had the opportunity to meet a few Claretians, starting with Fr. Francesc Morán cmf, the housekeeper’s brother of the town priest, and others who came to preach missions or novenaries (Fr. Joan Alsina, Fr. Jaume Torres, etc). (more…)