In this space you will find the testimony of people who are living the missionary spirituality of St. Anthony Mary Claret. They share with us how they have found in Claret a travel companion to live their spirituality as followers of missionary Jesus Christ. The first testimony corresponds to a Claretian missionary in Latin America. Little by little, we will try to post further contributions from different people around the world. We hope that this fraternal space will help us all to live our own spiritual path with renewed passion. We will be more than pleased if you want to share with us your personal experience by sending us your written contribution!


Saint Anthony M. Claret in my life

The first memory of our Founder that I keep in my mind is from when I was six years old, on the occasion of his canonization, on May 7, 1950. The students of the School of the Heart of Mary marched down the streets, with little flags of the Vatican in our hands and singing a hymn that became popular: “Cantem tots amb veu fervent del gran Claret la glòria i santedat…” (Let us sing with fervent (more…)

From the Claretian martyrs of Barbastro to Claret, a whole path…

I have had some difficulty in writing how my encounter with Claret happened and in doing so I have discovered the wealth of gifts that have been appearing in my life and of which in some moments I was not quite aware of.

I am the eldest daughter of six siblings. My initial formation, both cultural and religious, (more…)

Without knowing how

Vicente Sanz, cmf.

The truth is that my encounter with Claret was not an early one. It is true that with a mother from Aranda and living in contact with the Claretians of Buen Suceso, near my house, one might think otherwise, but it was not so. When I entered the Claretian seminary at the age of 10, I was studying at a school of the Brothers of the Christian Schools and I knew more about Saint John Baptist de la Salle than about Claret. And things went no better during my formation years, not even during the 5 years I spent in Rome as a student and where I am now. To be honest, I began to discover Claret in Segovia, while we were working with the postulants in a simple project called Claret’s Footprints. (more…)

Travel companions

C. Njayarkulam, cmf.

That  I would become  a  Claretian  Missionary – such a thought never crossed my mind until my 15th year. Surely I wanted to become a priest although I, the 7th one in the family of 8 children, saw 4 of my elder ones going to embrace the religious life. 3 sisters became consecreated Religious and my next elder brother, Mathew went to Germany to become a Claretian. My intention was to join the seminary to become a priest. After the Secondary School final exam, when I was seriously thinking to apply for the diocesan (more…)

My experience with Claret

Evencio Cuñado, cmf.

I must admit that my experience with Claret was appearing as I was growing in age and Missionary responsibility. In my first years of postulancy I do not remember being told about Claret. However, some Missionaries from the Philippines who used to visit the formation centers did tell us about their work in the Mission, tired though joyful and enthusiastic and always missionaries in the style of Claret. Working for the Kingdom with humility and affiliation to the Heart of Mary (more…)