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We present in this space an anthology of texts written by Father Xifré himself, which can help us to know his life and his missionary spirit.


We offer various photographs and paintings that show the life career of Fr. J. Xifré Mussach.



We offer here different biographies written by Fr. Jaume Sidera, cmf. We include the monumental work appeared in 2014.


We present in this space different information and celebration materials that you can use on the occasion of the Xifré Year.

Official closing of the “Xifré Year” in Vic

On Saturday, November 4, the day after the memory of the death of Fr. Josep Xifré i Mussach, cmf, third Superior General of our Congregation, the members of the Province of Catalonia met together in Vic to celebrate the official closing of the “Year Xifré”. On February 17 and 18, this special time had been inaugurated around the figure of Fr. Josep Xifré, on the occasion of the celebration of the bicentennial of his birth. (more…)

Article appeared in La Vanguardia

Article appeared in La Vanguardia on August 8, 2017.

Journalist Jordi Llisterri Boix recuperates the figure of Fr. Xifré for us.

Read the article (in Spanish) here.

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