En este espacio se almacenan las noticias relacionadas con el CESC.

Good Christmas 2018!

And so I constantly reflected on Jesus—in the crib, in the carpenter’s shop, on Calvary. I meditated on his words, his sermons, his actions; on the way He ate, dressed, and traveled from town to town. I took courage from his example and would ask myself, “How would Jesus act in this case?” Striving to imitate Him filled me with contentment and joy because I was pleased to think that my model was also my Father, my Master, and my Lord. My God, how good you are!”(Aut 356).

May we, as our Founder used to do, contemplate Jesus in the manger all the time during this Christmas Season, to feel encouraged to imitate him with greater fidelity. (more…)

Anthology of Spiritual texts of Fr Josep Xifré

Fr. Américo Paulo dos Santos Freitas Maia, cmf, from the province of Portugal, has selected a series of texts from the circulars written by Fr. José Xifré as well as from three of Fr. Xifré’s books (El auxiliar de los Misioneros, Espíritu de la Congregación y La gracia Divina) related to spiritual life and he has translated them into Portuguese.

This accurate and arduous work allows us, a year after the closing of the Xifré Year, to turn our regard to the spiritual magisterium of someone who was Superior General of our Congregation for more than 40 years.

We are given a new opportunity to drink from the sources of our missionary charism and find in these texts some encouragement to live our apostolic (more…)

Digitalisation of our photographic collection

Last October we started working on digitising this part of our archive. With the help of Fr. Placide Sumbula, cmf, we have begun to carry out this task. At the moment we have produced about 150 first photographs corresponding to the themes: Congregation (photographs of Claretians or people linked to Claretians) and Buildings (photographs of buildings related to the history of the Claretians).

The photographs are posted in our website in the Claret Archive section (subsection: Photographs), on the homepage menu, with a short description. Once you have accessed there, please take into account the following: (more…)

Saint Oscar A. Romero and our community of Vic

On October 14, 2018, Pope Francis proclaims two great Christians of our time as Saints in St. Peter’s Square (Rome), namely, Pope Paul VI, Pope of Vatican II and the post-conciliar years (1963-1978), and the bishop from El Salvador Oscar Arnulfo Romero, martyr.

Oscar was born in Ciudad Barrios on August 15, 1917, and died in San Salvador on March 24, 1980. He is well-known for his strenuous public defense of the poor and human rights, and his solidarity with the victims of violence existing back then in his country. Due to this, he was killed by a military sniper during the celebration of the Mass in the chapel of the Divina Providencia hospital in the capital city. He is buried in the cathedral. In America, the simple folk began immediately to call him as “Saint Romero of America”. (more…)

Father Sebin changes to the Community of Vallecas

Fr. Sebin Mundackal, cmf, assigned by Fr. General as a member of the CESC, after seven months of study of the Spanish language he achieved  the B2 level of language and was admitted to the Universidad Pontificia Comillas (Madrid) where he is studying the degree in Theology, in the branch of History of the Church. Until September 2018 he has lived in the Community-Curia of the Province of Santiago, in Madrid; from now on he will a member of the Claretian Community of Vallecas (Madrid), where, in addition to his studies (more…)