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Thanks, Fr. Ramon Caralt Roca, CMF.

The Claretian Missionary, Fr. Ramon Caralt Roca, was born on April 20, 1939 in Santa Cecilia de Voltregà (Barcelona) and has just completed his missionary pilgrimage on June 17, 2020 at the Manresa hospital.

For these last years he was a member of the Claretian Community of Sallent. Previously he had been a member of several Communities of the Claretian Province of Catalonia.

His health had long declined quite a bit and in recent months it worsened inevitably.

His apostolic work was varied throughout his missionary life; but his dedication was above all to the preaching the Word of God in towns and parishes, and for some years in the central hospital of Bellvitge (Barcelona) with the sick. (more…)

Circular letter from Claret to the people of his diocese (May 28, 1853)

We have received from the Claretian Fr. Jorge Alonso Clavijo (Córdoba, Argentina) this digital copy of a printed letter from Archbishop Saint Antonio María Claret, written in Santiago de Cuba on May 28, 1853. One of the original copies of this letter has been recently found by Fr. Jorge while ordering the archive of the Community. We appreciate his attention. Even though we already had a copy of this document in the CESC Archive, this is a good reason for us to remember once again the pastoral activity of our Founding Father.

As the reader can see, it is a letter that Claret addresses to all the clergy and faithful of his archdiocese. You can find the entire text with explanatory notes in: José Mª Gil, “Epistolario Claretiano”, vol. I, Madrid 1970, pp. 824-828 (EC). This book can be found on this CESC website. (more…)

Claret and the Protestantism of his time

We are pleased to communicate to the entire Claretian Family and to all who are interested in the figure of Saint Anthony Mary Claret (1807-1870), that the second volume of the “Urget” collection has already come out. The name “Urget” is extracted from the Pauline text that Fr. Claret took as his motto for his archbishop’s shield: “Caritas Christi urget nos” (2Cor 5.14). The first volume of the collection was the work of the Claretian Carlos Sánchez Miranda: (more…)

Greeting from the CESC in times of global crisis and self-isolation

Dear brothers and friends. From the Mother House of our Congregation, we send you our fraternal greetings. Alongside the mortal remains of our Father and Founder we join in prayer with the entire Claretian Family asking the Lord for the victims of the coronavirus pandemic.

In these weeks, many of us, being missionaries, cannot go out onto the streets. In this Mission House, from its origins and for many years, its missionaries knew very well how to combine the time dedicated to the mission and during the preceding time to prepare themselves at home by cultivating prayer, fraternal life and formation. (more…)

New digitized work: Marian Writings of Claret

Following with our digitization work, this December we are offering you a new book of high importance for the knowledge of the figure of Claret:


Edition prepared by Jesús BERMEJO, CMF

Preliminary study by José María VIÑAS, CMF

Presentation by Gustavo ALONSO, CMF Superior General