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New digitized work: Marian Writings of Claret

Following with our digitization work, this December we are offering you a new book of high importance for the knowledge of the figure of Claret:


Edition prepared by Jesús BERMEJO, CMF

Preliminary study by José María VIÑAS, CMF

Presentation by Gustavo ALONSO, CMF Superior General


Claret and Popular Missions

The book “The popular missions of Father Claret in Catalonia between 1840 and 1850. A path of evangelization in times of crisis” Editorial Claret, Barcelona 2019, 477 pp. written by Fr. Carlos Sánchez Miranda, CMF, has just been published. It is the outcome of his Doctoral Thesis, defended on March 5, 2018 at the Faculty of Theology of the Comillas Pontifical University (Madrid, Spain). It is also the first volume of the new “Urget” collection, which will publish studies on Saint Anthony Mary Claret, sponsored by the “Claretian Spirituality Centre” (CESC) of Vic (Spain). Other words will follow, among them the forthcoming: “San Antonio María Claret y el protestantismo de su tiempo”, which is the outcome of the Doctoral Thesis of Fr. José María Hernández, CMF, defended at the Faculty of Theology of Granada (Spain). (more…)

International Archives Week 2019

To commemorate the celebration of  International Archives Week 2019  Archives International Week 2019 we inform that we have digitized new materials.

In the course of a consultation we have spotted some tapes in 8mm format. They showed a poor state of conservation and we decided to digitize this part of our collection.

The result was these two videos of 42 ‘and 2’07.

They seem to be images from Guinea with the presence of Fr. Tomàs Lluís Pujadas (Sabadell, May 26, 1904 – Vic November 12, 1994), cmf. Fr. Pujades, however, was in Guinea and Panama, so we have doubts about the images. It must be said that in Panama there are also important Afro-American groups. (more…)

Studia Claretiana 2018

The “Studia Claretiana XXXIII” , has just come out.  , 240 pp.

The reader can find the full text of the volume and the indexes in the corresponding section of this website.

The studies deal with themes that have partly or totally never been published before about Claret, such as: the Claret community in Madrid; the sending of seminarians to Cuba in the time of the Archbishop thanks to the mediation of the early community of Vic; what the North American and English press said about the presence of Claret in Cuba and in Madrid; a psychoanalytic reading of “great grace”; Claret evangelizer in a time of change; the visit of the Confessor of the Queen to the Extremadura Sanctuary of the Virgin of Guadalupe.

All this is the result of research done by the Claretians, Frs. J. Sidera, S. Blanco, (more…)

New digitized materials

We are offering you, in a digital version, two new important works to know better Fr. Claret. The first, are his Spiritual Writings published in the Library of Christian Authors (BAC), in Madrid in 1985.

The author was a close friend of Fr. Claret, Fr. Francisco de Asís Aguilar, who would later be consecrated bishop of Astorga.

It is a biography of great historical value due to the closeness to the events occurred; in addition, it offers at the end, a series of testimonies from people who had known and had dealt directly with the Holy Missionary. (more…)